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Off the Grid House in Hawaii, Part 1; Solar Power System

Visit my website at – this is the solar power system for the farmhouse on our coffee farm, located outside Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

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8 Comments on "Off the Grid House in Hawaii, Part 1; Solar Power System"

  1. I want to get solar for my house, But I am going with the grid tie inverter so no batteries, It is in Thailand now, I have found 2 places in Issan that do it, My only question is what happens when the electric goes down, Haven't got an answer yet.

  2. Myles Adams says:

    I've always wondered with off grid living what happens when cant get gas anymore I know there is methane gas digesters but are there any other ways?

  3. magureveeru says:

    Ever think of getting a small wind turbine too?

  4. jmmurdy says:

    Nice set up. So do you travel back and forth between Thailand and there?

  5. Raeann Giles says:

    Love this! Check out some of my videos on recipes, DIYS and travel for moms and kids!

  6. I'm surprise that you don't have any Windmill generator to supply you electricity on  a cloudy day.  You should go to this website and check out their windmill generator.

    Also Tesla has created a new battery storage system that is small but very power dense.

  7. How much was the house to build

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