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Off Grid Solar Power Generator – How I Use It (24 Hour Time-Lapse)

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This is a video that shows how I manage my solar power system. Because it is off grid, I have to manage it if I want to push it to the limits. If I just don’t run as much on it, I don’t even…


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37 Comments on "Off Grid Solar Power Generator – How I Use It (24 Hour Time-Lapse)"

  1. outbackeddie says:

    Excellent system and a very informative video. Question: Have you given any thought to trying out lithium batteries sometime in the future? Another battery that intrigues me are the nickle iron batteries from Iron Edison. Have you ever investigated the possibility of using those?

  2. I live in a colder climate and challenges occur. I continue to experiment everyday.. We will figure everything out. Love this video. You remind me of a 20 year old self lol.. I have definitely subed

  3. Woah, what are you using to monitor the charge controller from your phone like that? Looks nice.
    Is that a stock feature / software that came with your charge controller?

    I've been massively dissatisfied with my charge controller's (EPever Tracer A-series) ability to actually send me data about what my system is doing, it only seems to work well with the desktop client. T_T (Sure RDP works on my phone but it's not ideal.)

  4. lexpee says:

    Why did not you choose for a 24 or 48 volt system. You get a Higher efficacy.

    connect 3 set off 2 panels in series and you get 1600w by 120 volt DC. You Midnite can work with 150v DC Panel voltage.

    I have a similar system, I'm happy that i switch over from 12volt to my current 24volt system.

  5. keith henry says:

    how many solar panels are u using

  6. Great system.Mojemu much is still missing to yours, but I'm trying and I wish się.Super further rozbudowy.Pozdrawiam.

  7. What's app are you useing to show this consume ? and what model mppt controller ?

  8. econPOWER says:

    Nice setup my friend. I just subbed to your channel come check out my channel when you can. 👍🏾

  9. rosenvitae says:

    Thanks for the tour, sir. I found this video searching for what goes into a 24 hour self sufficient solar panel setup. I don't have solar panels myself, but the idea hugely fascinates me. I play a lot of video games, particularly "sandbox" games, where you can build anything you like in the game world. In Space Engineers, you wear a space suit and build base installations or vehicles, which you can power by building solar panels and batteries. I once built an array with rotors that matched the rotation of the sun to achieve max kWp during the daylight hours, which was fun and satisfying. Having played that game and being familiar with micromanaging systems for solar power, I will say it does hurt seeing your battery at 100% in the early afternoon. Video games deal a lot with resource management, and if I had an installation like yours, I would probably prefer additional battery banks to get every ray of daylight's worth (unless I had a setup linked with the grid, selling the excess – I live in Denmark, I think we can do that here). Have you thought about additional batteries? Best regards.

  10. RJ says:

    how many batterys and solar panel you using

  11. Steven Davis says:

    Greetings from off grid Oregon. How many watts is your array?

  12. John Stryker says:

    The day in the life of a solar user was a great idea. Thank you for including us in it.

  13. suwadbureau says:

    If you can add some super capacitors am sure it will help.

  14. ken ber says:

    What is the total AH?

  15. Kyle Sherman says:

    get enough batteries to run your microwave and t.v dude…then you can run the system without unplugging and such…I think with a little mods you won't have to do the plug truffle shuffle

  16. Kyle Sherman says:

    buy more batteries dude, then you can run more stuff overnight…they now have lipo's for home solar systems! great batteries you can discharge them 50% everycycle unlike flood batteries or most batteries that want only a 20% daily use rate

  17. steve b says:

    Wouldn't it just be simpler to run either one heater or one air conditioner from the panels. And not have to CONSTANTLY swap power sources ALL DAY LONG for multiple appliances? Do you spend your whole day flipping switches, and plugs?

  18. thanks for sharing this, very helpful information for a newbe.. great job..

  19. Butch Weise says:

    Why would you goto a 24v system and not stay at the 12v system that works?

  20. DrBill says:

    I use a 100Watt panel connected to a micro grid tie inverter and plugged into a wall outlet to turn my meter backwards. If my power goes out the inverter has an anti-islanding system that turns off so utility workers don't get shocked. 100Watts may seem small but it cuts my utility bill significantly with no hoops to jump through with grid tie.

  21. Civan Botani says:

    hi! how long would you think 1 battery will last until you have to buy new one? and how mush would 1 battery cost?

  22. Thanks for the great video.
    I'm looking into using a solar system here in South Africa. Is there any information you could give me about the specifications and brands of the individual pieces of equipment you're using – Management unit, Inverter, panels etc.?

  23. Oshawa Tramp says:

    how much do you save in a month $

  24. Why don"t u run a straight dc circuit to ur 12v appliances?? U will save a shitload of energy cos u have no need to invert it. I have a 24v bank i run a 24v circuit thru the house and then they go into a 48v down converter to 12v in each room to run the dc appliances and also 12v Led 4w downlights throughout the house, now u may ask why a 48v to 12v downconverter and I only have a 24v bank cos when I upgrade to a 48v bank I dont have to rewire anything it will be just plug and play…. so my dc appliances have about a 1.25amp load cont 24hrs a day and a few ac appliances use the inverter to mains power…. Hope u do the same and there's many ways to skin a cat.. for eg: My lappy is 19v so i get a buck converter and dial the input and output to 24 / 19v That saves energy from inverting it up with the 12v car adaptor and or using the ac adaptor. Also I have a 12v to usb 4 port adaptor to charge my usb voltage appliances like my voip box and phone charger etc.

  25. I totally agree with what you said at the end of the video! Besides it just being fun to do, you are getting something that people who use net metering do not. You have a battery backup and USEABLE solar energy even when the grid is down. With grid-tie, the solar panels are useless without the grid… I've never come to terms with what a stupid idea that was. The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and, OH the grid just went down, but guess what? I can't draw any power from my solar panels! ARGH! Strictly net metering isn't for me either.
    Good job on your system man!

  26. jayw900 says:

    I like the setup.

  27. jwsolarusa says:

    Please checkout my channel and subscribe

  28. jwsolarusa says:

    very nice setup buddy

  29. Roy Amberg says:

    knowing the limits of your system is important for battery life. if I have a couple hours of sun things go good here but if it's gloomy all day things suffer in a hurry.

  30. TheKilog69 says:

    Next time U hook up to solar think about just using a transfers switch ,just a idea to think about cheers.

  31. TheKilog69 says:

    Are those Falls River battery's Nice.

  32. Gary H says:

    Nice system!I have 600 watts of panels outside and in my shed I have 700 ah battery bank. From my inverter in my shed underground and up the side of my house through the attic and into the kitchen(2 outlets) and hall (1 outlet)and living room(2 outlets).I run my computer area and a freezer and fridge if the weather permits.Usually I run the computer 24/7 without worry!

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