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Off-Grid Solar Power During Power Outage

Short video showing the use of our off-grid {solar lights} after thunderstorm knocked out our commercial power.


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11 Comments on "Off-Grid Solar Power During Power Outage"

  1. Lone Wolf says:

    This sure makes all your hard work worthwhile! One thing for sure. If it does come down, the mountains are where you want to be. Berkeley Springs here….

  2. Awesome bro ! will be cool when the system is big enough to run the fridge and ac !

  3. Ron Langner says:

    Very nice. If you were the Mass News Media, I would say this was staged. 🙂 All that work did pay off for you. Thanks for sharing it with us especially when you obviously had other important things to do.

  4. Lofty Goals says:

    Nice to see — thanks for sharing. Any thoughts on if or when you'll 'hardwire' the solar/battery bank into the house to avoid the extension cord step? I don't know if it'd be of any use to you, but I recommend looking into the sailboat/trawler liveaboard communities, as they have a load of experience & know-how with using AC "shore power" and DC battery banks when at sea. Plenty of knowledge there on how they design/build/manage their systems. All the best.

  5. WTF SoCal says:

    getting your $$$ worth for sure, thats awesome man !

  6. Roy Amberg says:

    we had several tornadoes in the area last week power was off for a number of hours my battery backup worked great. didn't have to worry about a thing.

  7. Greg Gallop says:

    I thought your cabin was all off grid power? Or am I missing something?
    What does the battery / solar generator power normally when it's not hooked up to the generator transfer switch / house?

  8. Bret wayne says:

    I have a small backup solar and wind. it's nice to have light and radio when the power is out!! kc2nxp

  9. nice demo of your backup, how much load can that long cable carry?

  10. nice set up it works that's all you need for the nights

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