Off Grid Solar and Wind Farm with Spectacular Hand built Log home for Sale – Alberta Canada

Amazing hand built Log home – 158 Acres of land. 1680 square feet above grade. 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms Fully finished basement with pool table included. Fully sustainable property with {solar lights} power – {solar lights} power has been operational since 2003 and includes in floor {solar lights} heating. Property has gardens, green house, workshop, chicken coops, small living trailer. . Although the property has not been certified organic, the current owners of 40+ years have never used pesticides or fertilizer on the property. 55 Acres in Hay, the balance in brush and wetlands. Abundant wildlife and birds on property. Live a utility free lifestyle. The current oil lease covers the property taxes. All of this and much much more for $549,000. Please {solar lights} MIke at 780-795-7335 or email

All offers welcome!!!


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7 Comments on "Off Grid Solar and Wind Farm with Spectacular Hand built Log home for Sale – Alberta Canada"

  1. Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think

  2. just put up for sale again!

  3. That husky at the end of the video looked like my dog Higgins lol :D

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  5. 1.5 hrs west of edmonton

  6. entune85 says:

    very nice but where is it?

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