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We are a family owned & operated retail, educational & gardening center, uniquely sustained by the sun, wind and rain.

A 100% off grid Non General-General Store Extravaganza! Complete with a 6,000 square foot Retail Store, Water Garden, Art Gallery, Educational Facility, Production Greenhouse, Solar Farm, Water Harvesting, Re-Art Sculpture Garden and we’re still growing!
We have monthly classes on Texas Solar Energy, Hydroponic Gardening, Water Harvesting and guest lecturers in Painting, Central Texas Gardening and Beekeeping.
on Syria Roundtable with Author Jerome Corsi.
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26 Comments on "Off Grid Paradise"

  1. maybe you should look in a mirror and say that to yourself, because nothing you have said is true, you worry about Ron Paul who was cheated out of becoming president by the mainstream media and will most likely never become president since our elections are rigged and Obama is a NWO puppet and by far their most effective one of all and the mainstream media covers up every single one of his scandals and kisses his ass daily and you don't care at all and you hate someone that isn't a threat

  2. You were his scheduler for ten years?! HAHAHAHA!!!! My fucking ass, kid! You are 10 years old! Playing video games, listening to HORRIBLE, fake techno, and pretending to be something you're not. Now, go on, little boy, fuck right off now and go tell your mother you're being a bitch. Fuck all politicians. That's the bottom line. If you think someone other than you is better suited to run your life, you're a stupid fuck. Damn, I'm good!

  3. &Abel says:

    *Sigh* Another moron. Do you see that little spot where I said "From Liberty Oak Ranch"

    " Penny Freeman was Ron Paul’s CD-14 Congressional campaign political director and district volunteer coordinator for 10 years. She has tremendous depth in political consulting, strategizing, media, fundraising, scheduling, event coordination, and especially volunteer organizing."

  4. Ian Bird says:

    Says the one listening to Alex Jones….

  5. says the one promoting world government and genocide and slavery

  6. exactly, bring the gold standard back and decentralize all banks and let the bankers go bankrupt

  7. you talk trash about them but ignore the lying piece of shit Obama?

  8. no it wasn't… you don't even know what the gold standard is, do you? the gold standard made it so that you can redeem cash for gold, how is that a scam?

  9. Ron Paul is different from most politicians because he didn't want the government to run anyone's lives, he wanted less government and more freedom and less laws and more personal responsibility and a decentralized banking system and no banker bailouts

  10. Jesus doesn't agree with you, he just hates the evil bankers who are actually devil worshippers NOT jews

  11. what you call jewish bankers are actually devil worshippers

  12. you are WRONG in every way… Ron Paul would save America and bring REAL CHANGE but he can't do that if he has absolutely no chance to become president with our rigged elections

  13. Ian Bird says:

    You're stupid not to be for the New World Order

  14. no, i'm smart and you're stupid to be for the New World Order, it's satans world government and anyone for it is stupid 

  15. admit it, you're just a Nazi, and you're anti-American and you're brainwashed by anti-jew Nazi propaganda

  16. how is gold standard a scam when people could redeem dollars for gold?

  17. no it doesn't, Christianity is against any money lenders especially international banksters and pornography filth, the New World Order is preparing to wage war against God's kingdom when Jesus comes back he will overthrow the wicked rulers of all human governments 

  18. you are nothing but lies and propaganda

  19. no they aren't, decentralized banking systems are better than privately owned central banks

  20. well he did print debt free money but the gold standard isn't a scam otherwise we would still have it, FYI after the government got rid of the gold standard the value of the dollar plunged downward… the dollar was worth more when we had the gold standard so how is it a scam? you're just a typical jew hating racist Nazi 

  21. &Abel says:

    I was with ya until you started with the "All the Jews are the devil and Christianity is a scam" lunacy. You are only defeating yourself… /me shrugs…

  22. A. C. Abbey says:

    I found this interview while looking for Dan and Michele's address so I could write them a thank you letter for the classes I took at ICM this year.

    They are truly awesome folks and I strongly encourage everyone in the great state of Texas to stop by and visit them.

  23. Duncan Bates says:

    They do not possess all of it. Nice propaganda 

  24. Duncan Bates says:

    I agree with you on backing the currency by silver. 

  25. DIY Solar says:

    Nice posting. I learned a lot.

  26. Link Knight says:

    Australia has used rain water for OVER A CENTURY as standard. Actually there is something wrong with you if you don't collect rainwater. I have some odd conversations with Americans clueless about rainwater. especially those who think they know more than me.

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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