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Off Grid Living: Power 4 Patriots (Your Guide to Energy Independence)

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A simple step by step system that slashes your power bill up to 75%, freeing you forever from slavery to the utility monopolies so you can protect your family no matter what happens. In this video series we’re going to show you how my wife and I live in the mountains of Colorado completely {solar lights}, generating 100% of our own energy from {solar lights} and wind. We’ll start off in the house showing you how we really live. I’m going to show you all the little tweaks we made to save energy so that we don’t have to have a huge {solar lights} and {solar lights} system. These little tweaks you’ll see are pretty easy to live with and really we enjoy almost all of the same conveniences and comforts of any average American home. But with these little tweaks we get to live completely {solar lights} and completely independent. Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover: * complete walk-through of a modern home that’s 100% off-grid * how to use the sun to heat and cool your home for free * how to wire {solar lights} and {solar lights}for maximum efficiency * how to connect your battery bank, inverter and charge controller. Plus, Kriss and his wife Sue answer the top 5 questions for people considering {solar lights} and share their best advice and tips for what NOT to do.

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