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Off Grid Cabin Solar Power.mp4

{solar lights} set up for our off grid cabin.


{solar lights} & Wind EBooks
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39 Comments on "Off Grid Cabin Solar Power.mp4"

  1. I really wish I could finish mine in just a day or two, I am really excited to see how much I save..

  2. I was thinking that's hardly any power from those solar panels but then your cabin's power requirements aren't very high.

  3. The crystals used in Harbor Freights panels must not be very efficient. You can get a 235 watt Renogy or similar panel with monocrystalline cells for roughly $400 on Ebay. dimensions are 60 inches x 40 which looks like you have over that in those 3 panels.

  4. Crackers says:

    Thanks for the comment! In my newest solar power video I have a pure sine wave inverter (Xantrex Prowatt 600) hooked up – found that I could not charge the laptop or power tools with a modified sine wave inverter.
    – Graham

  5. Crackers says:

    Thanks Glenn!

  6. Glenn Hough says:

    this is an amazing home..

  7. I just purchased a nice plot of land in the wilderness & I am in the process of building a small simple off the grid solar cabin just as you have done. Im planning on building a single gable12-12 pitch metal roof 2 story small rectangle We also share the same name! interesting I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing have you considered a pure sine wave DC to AC inverter? I plan to run a array of 4 240 volt polycrystalline panels and a vertical windmill trickle charging my array of deep cell bats

  8. Crackers says:

    Thanks …. it is pretty amazing!

  9. Pat says:

    OMG, what a view!

  10. entra em contato com eles as lampadas ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM podemos iluminar, uma ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM comprar, material solar.

  11. Crackers says:

    Thanks Elizabeth!

  12. Sweet, I'm so envious.

  13. Engineer245 says:

    Did mention our was built in 1952. Wife wanted to tear it down but it was in great shape and the history is great. It is just like yours. A work in progress.

  14. Engineer245 says:

    Great videos. It is amazing that your cabin looks a lot like ours on a small lake in Tennessee. Ours was built on site with trees cut on site and a portable saw mill. All hard woods. Can't drive a nail without drilling a hole first. It had a flat roof and until 3 years ago when we added a new high pitched roof with forest green metal. Looks like yours now. We love our cabin and I have added a second 12 volt wiring system so we can use solar so we have both 120v and 12v. We loose the 120v alot.

  15. Jennifer Doe says:

    How much did it cost you to build the cabin? land and home?

  16. Hands down, better way to go is like The Power Pot, thermoelectric pot that makes 5 watts just cooking. You can get bricks and put em on the woodstove and power as well. Custom build easily with TEG (300Celsius Seebeck) at customthermoelectric dot come. Also you should see the pots already made at theepicenter dot come. Now you got juice from heat, anytime of day or weather. Throw in evacuated tubes for solar heated water.. 220 plus minutes, so fourth.. you get the idea.

  17. myownruin187 says:

    Awesome place, if I may ask how much for the cabin!? Thank you..

  18. If you can use a cell phone at the cabin, you can get wireless Internet service.

  19. backwoods223 says:

    Do you have any info on your cabin? I would love to see a layout of it!

  20. Crackers says:

    The fridge is propane, so doesn't use electricity.

  21. tsenator says:

    really — only 220A/H for your whole house? I have a 36' sailboat that has over 400 a/h and I can barely make it through the weekend (no charging)– Do you have a frig? that usually uses at least 50-60 a/h day

  22. Crackers says:

    Pretty much …. only running 12v lights and an RV pump for water. Use the 400w inverter for charging the laptop, cell phone, cordless drill, etc….

  23. MrKFahn says:

    Do the solar panels provide for all your electric needs?

  24. N4ANE says:

    @larsonb33 Thats just not right you should be able to do what you want

  25. larsonb33 says:

    @N4ANE I am afraid that it is not

  26. N4ANE says:

    @larsonb33 THATS BULL SHIT MAN

  27. What charged the frieg and dishwasher???

  28. larsonb33 says:

    you do know that collecting rain water in this state is a crime? Whats next a felony for wiping your ass wrong!

  29. Eddie S says:

    hello gram
    i wood like to more about your batterys and the way you have them wired up,please get back to me , and you have some great video,s, keep them comming
    thanks, Eddie

  30. magicjoey69 says:

    That is a sweeeeet set up, keeping a few mod cons but allowing for them with solar, very nice!

  31. ZWATER1 says:

    thanks bro for the info.peace and god bless.

  32. battlebob says:

    nice set up. can i move in lol i'll pay for utilities haha

  33. The sight in your bedroom at 3:47, beautiful! Awesome cabin you have hear. Do you have any monthly bills?

  34. chalkhill714 says:

    very nice set up…

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