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Nigerian solar power system

This is do it yourself (DIY). if you are interested, you can {solar lights} me in Nigeria. 08034813811 or 08054305803 or 7187982396(usa). we will teach you to build your own panel. You will no longer experience NEPA DON COME.


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3 Comments on "Nigerian solar power system"

  1. Nice setup with the limited resources. I think your mini inverters maybe limiting your output to the battery banks. You can get a bigger charge controller & inverter at or check out wholesalesolardotcom.
    I am working on an alternative hybrid system that could change the typical solar system setup and save money as well.

  2. Also check out Tripp Lite Power Inverters – they can go up to 3000W. 

  3. This is great and I will definitely need your service. No matter how crude, I will patronise fellow Nigerians.

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