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New Products from Fluke, Amprobe and just a little update…

I went to a Fluke dealer / product meeting and saw some of their newly released products.
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Items and topics mentioned in this video:

* Fluke 435 Series II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer – lithium battery, calculate energy loss in monetary terms, inverter losses, iflex current probes
* New cheap multimeter from a viewer (Rune) in Norway for review.
* New Fluke Thermal Imagers for Electrical / Mechanical IR imaging – Ti100 TiR110, TiR125
* New Fluke Thermal Imagers for Buildings – TiR27, TiR29, TiR32
* Amprobe {solar lights} 600
* Amprobe {solar lights} 4000
* Thermography for electrical, building thermal insulation, water leaks, horse / equine injury location, breast cancer diagnosis.


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10 Comments on "New Products from Fluke, Amprobe and just a little update…"

  1. kf7tkj says:

    Glad the crash wasn't to serious, cant wait for all the upcoming reviews!

  2. the fluke cult want to make you their prophet : )

  3. Senapspiser says:

    @DanFrederiksen ''My name is Fluke Skylorton!!'' *swish, swosh* (swinging his multimeter leads). 😛

  4. MrMac5150 says:

    Your microphone volume is way down on this video,, can hardly hear you

  5. mjlorton says:

    Thanks…yes fortunately no broken bones or sprains…so back to videos soon!

  6. mjlorton says:

    LOL! I feel a tug from the Dark…I mean….Yellow side!!!!

  7. mjlorton says:

    Aaaahh…yes…I should have bumped it up while editing….or used my Zoom mic….thanks for the feedback.

  8. I have noticed that about you : )
    you get an 87V and suddenly the Brymen no longer exists. and the UT61E that is a much better value proposition than the overpriced fluke is left to linger a little. no hurry to make fluke look bad 🙂 and you somehow forget to talk about price every time : )
    try not to reward them for pricing a basic meter at 400$. gigasample oscilloscopes are cheaper

  9. mjlorton says:

    I would be pointing at anything and everything!!! Yup…not cheap but a great device with 100's of uses. I have a few other bits to get through but it certainly on the cards.

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