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New idea – You can make Solar Cell from LED (Free Energy )

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You can make solar cell ( Solar Panel ) from LED and generate free energy.Here I used six 4 volt LED plate in series connection.


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41 Comments on "New idea – You can make Solar Cell from LED (Free Energy )"

  1. TIKNO TEKNIK says:

    i like turorial, good job

  2. Fudiscuss F says:

    led power generation?? Why should double-sided adhesive tape?

  3. Bo Rey says:

    guy guy you can buy solar cell at amazon shop is only 6$

  4. right try to do something with that 2volts… P = E x I

  5. Chals Lara says:

    deberian poner la potencia no el voltaje

  6. If you could store this energy then use the led's at night then it would be perfect. Only if you magnify the sunlight on the strips could you get enough energy, but then you would fry the led's.
    …The ideal electricity generator is to use photovoltaic cells in a panel, then behind the panel, attach Thermoelectric generators to absorb the copious amounts of heat absorbed by the panel…together if you could store this makes the most cost effective generation you can make yourself…
    …People of the third world, especially the Palestinians who are being genocided by the Talmudic jews in power there,(Those behind the founding of Israel should have been hung) could make this happen and not be slowly destroyed by the Freemasonic leadership of the banking cartel that rules the world today…

  7. This is Total FAKE, because they even didn't bother to solder diodes together. This is array of individual separate diodes 😀

  8. webpa says:

    Works with ANY diode in a transparent case (junction exposed) including ancient selenium rectifiers if you take the paint off. All semiconductor junctions are light sensitive. Years ago, popular electronics printed a project for making a video camera out of a glass-topped UV erasable PROM.

  9. idur ed says:

    again that awfull music

  10. MrAlsaco says:

    next step : turning a cpu fan to a wind turbine

  11. Juan Herrero says:

    Or you could use the money you spent on the LEDs and PCB on a solar cell,. which will work much better for same cost.

  12. Edwin says:

    lots of LEDs just for light up one LED? too expensive for free energy

  13. wild man says:

    You TUBE

  14. ok now we want a light emitting solar panel

  15. How much this LED plate costs.

  16. So one panel per 1 volt. Might be better to stick them across a window and the other end solder to a plug to charge your mobile?

  17. Mj B says:

    So what is the application for this? How do you use it?

  18. Stupid Man says:

    a little ol poot from your ass dont amount to much power either.
    but if ignite it it has great potential.

    a little energy is all it takes to make alot more.

  19. Erman Olcay says:

    Well the wattage is questionable can you tell the amperage?

  20. Superb 2 volts into a 20Meg ohm load. Expose any P/N junction to a light source and you will generate a voltage.

  21. railspony says:

    I heard the music and thought, this has to have some hot glue in it, but where? Only took 40 seconds to find out. lol

  22. Found something to boast about – a 2 volts on the device and a long work of hands.
    I received 5 volts from three LED lamps (small area) and even managed to light the LED.

  23. can it run a water
    or plz give full step by step video of joining and arranging led bulbs

  24. ayman gaafar says:

    just ir led only can use it to make solar cell but other type of led not working

  25. g law says:

    Cool you could charge a two volt battery,just two more volts you could use the lights for a short time. If they have to sit in sunlight for 8 hours to produce 30 minutes of light not really over unity.

  26. michel G says:

    And how many ampères is this producing? it's not volage that is needed but amperage ….

  27. Rey Sanchez says:


  28. hyqhyp says:

    How many LEDs does it take to light one LED?

  29. The Sqoou says:

    Now put it in the beam of a Fresnel lens.

  30. This poor Indian guy is full of shit!

  31. I did the same experiment and produces a lots volts but no amps

  32. Ajay Kumar says:

    what is amp out put

  33. Pedro Diaz says:

    40 Leds para encender uno rojo…Buen trabajo!!!

  34. LEDs are not black… A shitty way to absorb light

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