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New AGM Solar Battery Upgrade

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Visiting RVPrepper Wayne & Wanderlust Estate in Panama City, Florida. Picked up some supplies shipped to Wayne’s place and Wayne helped me install my new battery bank in Yoda.
Visit James & Carolina at Wanderlust Estate here:
Visit Wayne at RVPrepperWayne here:
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45 Comments on "New AGM Solar Battery Upgrade"

  1. Joe HD says:

    Wayne did a excellent job installing the new agm battery's. thanks for sharing Eric.

  2. Tommy says:

    oops my bad i stand corrected agm lead seald acid they are real nice setup

  3. mark ferbert says:

    do you plan on driving up the east coast?

  4. AGM are charge sensitive and should only be used if the charge controller can handle them. They also can be discharged to 80% without damage to them. So 80 ah x4 is 320 which is about 256 ah to 80% discharge use. So you need about 600 watts solar @46 ah of solar an hr x5 to keep them topped off or some other source to recharge them to 100% everyday if you use all the capacity in single day. If you don't the batteries have a short life as Eric has found out.

  5. John Norris says:

    Everyone is welcome to do whatever they like with their battery set ups ( including Eric ) but you should know that if you use deep cycle batteries they all have vents and will discharge hydrogen gas. AGM batteries are probably the best performing and easiest to maintain but they too have vents and if the internal pressure exceeds 2-3 psi some gas will come out. It is a safety feature. Whether you have enough volume to distribute the hydrogen safely depends on the situation. Even high-end cars with AGM batteries have vent tubes.

  6. OK, I have binge watched every video you have posted. My T.V has not been on for a week. Why? Because you are living my dream. With in the next 6 years I am going to sell everything we own and hit the road. The things I have learned about solar, batteries and other stuff from you is really going to help me build out a rig, what ever kind I use. I think I am going to use a big van and pull a T.T, that way if van breaks down, I can at least live in the trailer in a r.v park until it gets fixed.
    Happy trails Eric. And if you ever make it back to Corpus, give me a shout.

  7. werock659 says:

    If it makes you feel better, I watch all your videos all the way through.maybe not every video, But the ones i watch i watch 100% 😀 I love your videos.. when i first found your channel you disabled comments :/ was so bummed, Now i just scrolled down and noticed it was unlocked! Good luck to yah!

  8. 4G Nomad says:

    Nice battery setup.

  9. nice wiring job! Hope this does the job for you.

  10. tbirdracefan says:

    We have that exact grill in our camper! found it on sale for 20 bucks getting groceries at Walmart on a camping trip. It did take a while to assemble. Works much better than the one it replaced. pretty even cooking.

  11. Taka Yama says:

    I finally got caught up with you, Eric and Jax! I don't do video editing, but, wow, you do a great bit of work!! Better than most television! Thanks for doing this!

  12. I just bought Golf cart batteries from Costco last year just before my trip to Arizona so I'll have to wait to upgrade,  Do they have those pythons in that part of Florida we don't want them to put the squeeze on Jaxx! best of travels to us all .

  13. Nice that they have dedicated bike lanes.

  14. We also changed our batteries to the AGM's. Hubby was a motorcycle mechanic for years and said that they were the best and maintenance free. We have had really good luck using them with our solar set-up.

  15. Hello and good travels,
    Eric and Ajax.

    I first want to say thank you for sharing a piece of your life and your adventures. Also, thank you for the advice you have given about life on the road and rv living. Oh, and some of the product reviews as well. You have been an inspiration to me because I am about a month away from getting an rv and living in it. I am really looking forward to it.
    I live in North Country San Diego, and will for the most part be living within a two hundred miles of here most of the time. I have a good job with retirement and benefits that I will be working for the next 10 years. I will be staying places like Ocotillo Wells, Salton Sea, Palomar Mountain, Julian, and all along the beaches. I hope if you are in the area you will hit me up. Soon, I will be starting to video and document my adventure into and in the rv, free roaming life.

    Happy travels,
    Aaron Rethwisch

  16. VagabonDaze says:

    Awesome battery setup, we want those batteries!!

  17. I know you probably consider AGM a "safer" solution, but traditional "wet" lead acid batteries store more energy and cost less.

    Trojan battery is one of the best lead acid battery companies around. If you ever need to buy more batteries again check with them. They do sell AGM batteries.

  18. James Pian says:

    I'm still not certain why you're not charging your batteries off the engine alternator.

  19. Hello! Fan here! I have watched many of your videos and have enjoyed many aspects of how you show us your life! Thank you. But I have to be honest, and hopefully you are open to a little constructive criticism. It seems you have some unresolved issues with 'some' of you viewers. In this video for instance you complain about people watching your clips on mute, and then you appear to be disgruntled about this because you might have to repeat some aspect or detail of your current topic. So from my perspective you are being condescending and passive aggressive and a bit of a baby. How do you think the 'normal' viewers are supposed to react when you talk crap on the other 'obviously dysfunctional' viewers? What I hope you can take away from this is just to be confident in yourself and know that you have plenty of peeps out here that like you and what you have to share!! Let the viewers decide how they will participate! Don't let em see you sweat!! Keep up the great vids and thank you for sharing. I haven't gotten the balls to have my own channel yet… maybe one day!

  20. flitsies says:

    I noticed a lot of fuel laying on the ground, all those leaves could be used to power a solid fuel burner which in turn could be used to provide electricity and cooking, seems a waste, the ash could be used for other things such as growing stuff.

  21. NWHiker says:

    If you have the space (you did) a Trojan 6v setup would have been far superior than going AGM. The only advantage you have with an AGM battery is it can be installed in interior locations and you don't have any maintenance, but you give up about 50% in charge cycles over the lifetime of the battery. I would not have split the battery banks up so far apart with the long cable runs. I hope you installed a switch to charge each bank separate, otherwise you're going to undercharge one of the banks and kill it prematurely. That's what you've done on all your previous solar/battery setups. You aren't charging them properly. You drive so much, look into a CTEK charge system while you drive. Google CTEK, you can thank me later……:)

     The voltage you see on your charge controller may read 14.xx,but that's an active state of charge. Depending on what your cut off voltage is and what kind of charge controller it may jump back and forth between Foat-Charge many times as the battery voltage drops after resting. If you remove 50Ah of charge from your battery you are going to need to replace that amount. Little bit of math and fore thought can tell you very close to what you are running. I'm sure you know how to convert watts to amps etc etc. You said your panels are flat mounted. If I recall you have a pair of 250 watt panels? You're probably lucky to get 20 amps out of the pair if that. It would take a minimum of 2.5 hrs at 20 amps to recharge the above 50Ah discharged battery. I always add at least 10-20% for cable loss/charge controller. Tilt/track your panels and you'll see 30-50% better charge rate. Do the simple math and you won't be replacing $$$ batteries every 6 months. You'll be throwing those WindyNation batteries away if they go bad. It will cost way too much to ship them back.

  22. Mr. says:

    I like the Go-Pro paper towel dispenser. ☆?

  23. Mr. says:

    and running the Satellite Dish plus the 26" flat screen and all the lights on and using and charging your laptop all for 6 hours and still technically being at %100 charge Sounds Great. now you just need to get it to a 24 hour cycle and you'll be living the free life.

  24. Mr. says:

    …..well, "free life" with the tv and cable/satellite dish on 24/7 lol

  25. t ty says:

    A man that doesn't read is no better than a man who can't read! I think Mark Twain said that.

  26. Hey dude it look like you had room for all 4 of them under the stove.. The reason i'am bringing this up is because you could of keep those other ones in that same spot..that would of made 500 somin amp hours..i run two arrays on my set up and i use old wheelchair gel batteries that are different ages..Of course i keep them separated with switches. so they won't be drawing on each other..I have 5 sets of deep cycle batteries all with there own female receptacle. so i'am able to jump around when needed..look at my google + … also those walmart batteries could of been run with a battery 12-volt isolator (30bucks) maybe 100 amp one so they would always be hot for those days when the sun is shy..

  27. Fern W says:

    The Vmaxtanks are incredible they will out perform any battery out there they are also agms,

  28. vegasfordguy says:

    The BEST RV batteries are Trojan lead acid 6 volt batteries hands down.

  29. reagentism says:

    You've probably already thought of this but covering the exposed terminals would be cheap insurance

  30. When it comes to solar, one can never have enough storage.
    The thing about batteries is, the less you have the faster they will recharge and discharge. The more batteries you have the slower they will charge and discharge.
    And it's always better to get as many amp/hours from a battery as possible for the money.
    So, when the next storm hits and the news is filled with terror at the loss of the power grid, RVers can sit in comfort, glad to be free of that prison.

  31. gavloft says:

    I am going to watch every single Nomadic Fanatic video from start to finish, hopefully in one sitting.

  32. Battery at Walmart does not go together you got what you get Walmart a car battery

  33. Neal Davis says:

    Thank you for the video, Eric! :-)

  34. luther7449 says:

    Hey Nomadic–I picked up a junior sized Tilly last week And I did remember this video today when I picked it up today. When he popped the open the battery bank cover by the steps, I iinstantly spotted the white caps to the batteries. They were 6v deep cycle, but not AGM. Oh well, they were basically new, so I guess I'll see how long they hold a charge. Nice video and gracias for the solar battery setups.

  35. Roving Jack says:

    what happened to the four batteries from the telecom setup you had in the van?

  36. Warsrogue says:

    good to see the battery upgrade. I'm thinking about getting a magnum hybrid inverter & some sealed batteries.

  37. Andrew Mayes says:

    I have two of those $100 RV batteries from Walmart. They suck pretty bad. How many volts are you supposed to charge them up to and how far can you drain them? Mine don't seem to want to stay above 12.6

  38. Ray_Biker says:

    I may be wrong but I did not see any fuses installed. It's very impostant to have fuses installed as close to the battery posts as possible. Also make sure to installe non-conductive covers on the positive battery posts.
    The batteries store a lot of energy and you'll be surprised how fast the wiring can catch on fire if proper protection devices are not installed!

  39. watahyahknow says:

    wonder wat happened to those four cellphone tower batteres those things had plenty capacity
    hangon…. isnt that tilli the first in the corner of his lot

  40. Walmart batteries are usually not worth what ya pay for them there exide batteries but they must be seconds or something

  41. what happened to the four big batteries you had in the ryno liner van or that a-team van did you just leave them in the van ? I don't know anything about them I just know you seemed to love them when you were putting them in

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