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My Solar Panel Tilt Brackets Free RV Boondocking

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21 Comments on "My Solar Panel Tilt Brackets Free RV Boondocking"

  1. clayton2022 says:

    I recommend a safety harness……..Safety first, you can purchase one online you only need a lightweight harness.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Yes, we can learn from others mistakes. Yikes! I'm not that comfortable on the roof, but we do what we have to.

  3. Quite a bit of work to tilt the panels. I'm sure you will find the best method for you.

  4. Sue Moore says:

    well with vertigo, I can see I'll be doing the suitcase panels. LOL glad I'm watching with wine…(&whine)

  5. I was looking at those same tilt brackets but more for fall/winter time. I have learned that once you think its all set up perfectly something comes along to remind you that it can never be perfect in every situation. Safe travels :)

  6. RVerTV says:

    its going to close to 120 degrees tomorrow in QZ

  7. Do u really need to tilt them this time of year? Just curious,…..

  8. myozone says:

    It makes about 11-20% difference to tilt assuming they are pointed to solar noon (due south – also depends on the time of the year Having only one tilted would make little difference …

  9. Reba Kennedy says:

    Just wondering — could you attach those 2 solar panels to the side of your rig, where they would be easier to reach? Looks like there's a spot between the windows on the back side of the RV. I know this works — Pandamonium has had a wall of solar panels on the side of her rig for a long while now, seems to work great for her.

    Just seems scary and a bother for you having to climb up on that roof !!! What if you fell and got hurt? Yikes

    Here's her link with hers on the side of the rig:

  10. That does look like a pain…. I do use those brackets, but on mobile panels for the ground that I toss into a pickup or stake out with tent spikes.

    agreed.. if ya have them mounted on the roof it looks like a big hassle.

  11. paul larson says:

    Despite all your trial and tribulation to keep things in shape, you never disappoint without leaving us some great views and a story. Around here, usually after the wind and dust comes rain and hopefully some thunder. Get a can of spray lube for the pesky bracket hardware. I think when you were tugging on that panel bracket I could see the roof flexing. Careful.

  12. Larry M says:

    You might consider buying one of these. There are a number of latters like this on Amazon.  I'd probably look to Home Depot rather than order one online.  Just an idea that might make it so you could easily adjust those outboard solar panels.  Good Luck!  Keep Safe!!  :-)

  13. Seems like a difficult task. I suppose a tall ladder would help you standing from the side of the RV.

  14. Doug stevens says:

    move your reg dont cut lose wires just remember next time ;)

  15. 4G Nomad says:

    Perhaps go with one of those suitcase ones?

  16. Probably easier and safer to just over size on solar panels while being energy conservative, then having to climb all over the RV to tilt a panel or 2.
    As for portable solar, my trailer connector has a line connected to the house battery bank, so I can use plug it in there if need be, then I only need a cable long enough to reach one side or the other of the motor home, or to reach the closest unshaded part of a forest.

  17. Larry M says:

    Have you switched all of your lighting to LEDs?  It's made a big difference for me.  🙂  If you haven't and aren't sure how to, it's easy. Stay cool!!!  :-)

  18. The only time you really need tilt is in the dead of winter. How many watts do you have and how many batteries?

  19. What are those little white plastic tabs on the roof and sides of the back of your RV? Something to do with aerodynamics…

  20. Kevin Means says:

    Hi 2012escapee1. I thought you might find this new product interesting (love your site, by the way. Kev)

  21. TT Travels says:

    No thanks– too much of a pain. I don't tilt my panel. My 160 Watt panel does fine charging my (2) Golf Cart Batteries with about 5 amps to spare. Plus for the price of a set of a tilting kit I can almost buy another 160Watt panel.

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