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I am an addict of solar and charging! Here are some Li-ion chargers I made. Thanks again to for selling the items.


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26 Comments on "More solar USB chargers"

  1. James Smith says:

    Were did u get the solar panels that fit into the aluminum wallet?

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment! I got those solar cells for around $10.00 each at Radio Shack. They are 6 volt 84 mAh. It will say that on the back of the packaging. The both of them together are 168 mAh which is a good amount to charge AA batteries with the sun it will take about 2, 5 hours days or 10 hours of sunlight. Just so you know.. That aluminum wallet does not open flat.

  3. jr10 says:

    Man. I love the way you put these ideas together. Would love to see how to assemble the 18650 battery pack.

  4. The battery bank with 4 18650 cells in it is simple. It is like a battery charger you just put the batteries in negative against the spring and it is done. It can hole anywhere from 1 to 4 cells.
    The blue 2 cell pack I bought and with a Lithium-ion pack you need a charge controller. The controller board has B+, B-, S+, S- printed on it. So you need to hook the battery and the project to the B+ and B- and the solar panel to S+ and S-. Since the battery has protection in it there is no worries.

  5. Very interested, do you have any schematics of it?

  6. Rob says:

    very awesome, i'm gonna try to make one!

  7. Which type are you going to make? Lithium-ion or Ni-Mh?
    If you have any questions please comment. If your working with Lithium please keep it dry and make sure not to let positive and negative touch! Use wire with different markings for positive and negative so you do not mix them up. Do not heat up a Lithium battery, Do not solder on the battery itself. Too much heat may cause the battery to explode or burst into flame. Neither of those sound fun to me. Have fun!

  8. Which device do you refer to? I posted a video of how the wiring is for the Ni-Mh charger so check that one out if you are talking about using rechargable AA batteries. If you are talking about the Lithium pack or the battery bank with Lithium cells let me know and i will try to make a quick video on that. Thank you for the comment and interest!

  9. I forgot to say.. If you are going to buy a Lithium-ion or Li-Po battery make sure it has protection on the battery!!!! Browndoggadgets has the blue Lithium-ion packs and Radio shack will have protected packs as well. This will keep it safe and make you have to worry less. If you cross the wires on a protected battery it will just pop the circuit and it will act like the battery is dead. In about 30 seconds it will start working normal again. AGAIN do not solder wires to a Lithium battery!!!

  10. OK, I am uploading a video with a wiring diagram as i type this. Hope it is what you were asking about. Let me know what you think!
    Thank you

  11. Rob says:

    I think I'm gonna start with a browndog lithium kit and see where it takes me! Thanks for all the advice!

    Ideally I want to end up with a massive battery pack like 20,000 mAh. Then a bunch of solar panels in a home-charging setup and smaller panels on the battery case for maintenance. Thoughts?

  12. Make sure you use 1 battery and not a few Lithium batteries all wired together. With Ni-Mh batteries you can use a bunch of different batteries to get a ton of mAh but it is different with he Lithium. You can find a 15,000 or more mAh Lithium battery somewhere.

  13. The newest video i poster shows how the 18650 charger is wired.

  14. jr10 says:

    Great Video. I built a similar charger. Is that a Brown Dog Gadgets charge controller you are using?

  15. Awesome!.. I need to design similar circuitry for my project .. can you help?

  16. Sure! I will try to. Ask anything and if i know i will be glad to share.
    Thanks for the comment!

  17. Can u share ur email ID? it will be more easy to explain the problem there..

  18. If you go to my channel and click "About" then click "Send Message" it will send a personal message that you can type in endless info and it goes to my Youtube inbox. I check that more then my spam filled email. Try that and if it does not allow enough space to get your point across let me know.
    Thank you for your interest, comments and subscribing!

  19. BLU3M0NTANA4 says:

    What's so bad about nimh? I'm making one with them so I can also use the batteries.

  20. Well google ruined YouTube and using my iPad I can't see a way to reply about the NiMh batteries. My reason for not liking NiMh batteries is because there is no way to add a device to stop charging the batteries when they are full and still keep the pocket size. I know you can keep an eye on it but eventually you will forget and overcharge and then you lose the longevity of the battery. Also the power curve is not great like the Lithium type. The power drops off slowly and gives lower power for a while before it drops off totally. Lithium will give full power right up until it drops and then you charge it again. I am not a genius about batteries this is just my opinion. 

  21. Seba Callega says:

    Thanks for this great project! I'm going to try it!
    I have two questions:
    1. There is a problem if you have connect the USB input and the solar panel at the same time?
    2. It's possible to have connected any input source and charge a device at the same time?
    Thanks again

  22. Do you use something against overcharging?

  23. Michiel Ds says:

    That little printplate on your usb input, where did you get that? And is it necessery? or can i just connect my 4 AA batteries directly to the usb input? thanks alot and keep up the good work ;)

  24. Tom Ziesmer says:

    man I love your videos! keep them up and check out mine thanks

  25. Hello ShoeMan, I am very interested in creating a solar usb charger and have been watching lots of videos and reading up online. I wanted to ask someone with experience about my plan. 

    -I have a solar panel with a Rated Power of 1.25W Rated 13.3V and Rated 0.09A.
    -I want to run it through a car cigaret lighter usb board with an input of 12-24VDC and an output of 5.0—1000mA
    -I will usb to charge a PowerBot Universal Power Bank with a input of 5V 0.5A and an output of 5V 0.8A.

    Will this work? I am forseeing problems with the low Amps of the solar panel, I also have a second identical panel I could run in a paralel circuit would this be enough? Do power bank devices have an automatic shut off to stop charging or would I need to monitor the charging process? With 5V as the output I could never burn out the power bank could I?

    Thank you for your time and expertise.

  26. Jimmy Lin says:

    Hi ShoeManShoe68.
    Is that TP4056 module ?
    Isn't TP4056 module can charge only 1 18650 battery?

    Can you tell me what components inside the box, please… ?

    I'm planning to build one too, but as far as I know, TP4056 only can charge 1 18650 battery.

    Thank you :)

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