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More Efficient: Anker 21W & 15W PowerPort Solar Panels

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A side-by-side comparison between the Anker 21W PowerPort Solar and 15W PowerPort Solar Lite. Both are great panels for hiking, camping, backpacking, outdoors and survival.

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37 Comments on "More Efficient: Anker 21W & 15W PowerPort Solar Panels"

  1. josh0liva says:

    This review is bogus, you didn't use any electronics to confirm the efficiency of these panels. What was the average mah of the panel as you walked the trail? 10% battery gained in the hour? Why didn't you show the phone?

    Seems to me like you received this product and was payed to give it a good review.

  2. Jason Shi says:

    The way a phone charges a lithium battery is completely different from what you think. By the time you hit 80% (84% in your case) The battery charging management chip has already switch over to constant voltage charging. Where is not limited by the 2A input USB anymore. Even if you plugged it into the wall. It still would have charged the rest of the 20% very slowly.

  3. Neeko Boorne says:

    Excellent review. Thanks !

  4. what carabinas are that there are atatched to the Anker solar panel

  5. What's the back pack he is using???

  6. W Aviles says:

    Which flashlight is the one in the video?

  7. Kaibil Balam says:

    this one or the switch 10?… any preference?

  8. Yunginspirit says:

    Great, very informative video. Must get one of these panels. Thanx!

  9. Dorito Rex says:

    ᗪO YOᑌ ᑭᖇEᖴEᖇ ᖇᗩᐯᑭOᗯEᖇ Oᖇ ᗩᑎKEᖇ?

  10. Julio Noda says:

    hey bud what backpack is that ?@Living Survival

  11. Mark A says:

    I've been quietly watching your videos for over a year or so and I appreciate the time & effort for all these reviews & commentary for camping, survival & bushcraft. I picked up the Anker via your You Tube link on this video. Please keep them coming & thanks.

  12. I just ordered a 20,000mAh battery pack and I was wondering do you know how efficiently if at all it would be for the anker 15 w to charge it? and Thanks for the video keep it up

  13. James Hart says:

    I'm getting the 21W Solar Panel and the Anker 26800 battery. So when I go camping this summer I will have power for all my devices. I think charging a battery that you then use to charge your device might be a little better idea. Okay, been testing the 21W solar panel, my Galaxy S4 likes it. Phone was at 77% and charged to 100% in an hour, in direct sunlight at a temp of 70 degree's. So this will supply me with plenty of power when I go on long weekend bike rides. Oh and yes, I did get the 26800 Anker powercore. Tests to come. Yes, would have been nice of the pouch was fully velcroed or zippered. However adding Velcro would not be that hard..

  14. What do you think is better? The RAVpower 20W or the Anker 21W? Which one charges faster?

  15. do those hold the charge ??

  16. Thomas Locke says:

    Thanks for the video. Do you have any idea how long the 21W panel takes to charge the Anker 21000 battery pack?

  17. Now the question is, how do I get internet in the woods. My phone is charged but has no service.

  18. segads says:

    Actually, after this review I might get one those solar panel, not sure if I'm gonna use it but is always a good thing have something like that in case off emergency

  19. dave091790 says:

    I really feel like they should have bundle deals with these. the best set up would be tethering both ports together to charge an anker battery, then charge the phone off of that. this way the phone is always getting a steady/consistent charge and the battery can keep near topped off. when the phone or other device is full unplug it and the battery will top back off through the day. Adding the battery in line with all the protection and smoothing features it has is really the best option.

  20. Just wondering if theses things are water proof

  21. you put the solar panels on your bag wrong! muppet! -_-

  22. Thank you so much for great review. I just order the anker 21w. I really like that u showed off on how it really works.

  23. Great Solar Panel – but needs waterproofing & water proof pouches for you to slip in your phone / battery pack.  Good to have power but in a SHTF plan natrual disaster, it's unlikely that cell towers would work, or your $90/month iPhone AT&T bill gets paid & in a crisis, you might want to ditch the tech – cell phones broadcasting your location like a 24 hour beacon.  But in a remote emergency however, you might need to get rescued & having a GPS Cell phone or Satellite Phone for finding your location is very helpful.

  24. Victor Nunez says:

    thank you for this, it saved me a lot of time of research :D

  25. I want to purchase Anker Solar Charger. Which is better? 21W or 15W Charger? is this 21w so powerful for Bicycle headlight, Go Pro camera & DSLR Camera charging?
    Please reply me soon that i can make decision.Thanks

  26. @Living Survival – Great videos and reviews.
    RAV Power 15W versus Anker 21W – who would be the Champ please advise ??!

  27. Too bad these are always made of black material. Leaving your phone to charge outside in a black pouch in the sun, mesh or not is a big fail. All battery technology does not want to be hot and the black color causes a lot of extra heat. My phone will only fast charge for a few minutes before it dials back due to temperature rising in my black solar panel. All solar panels need to be CAMO! Black sucks and is illogical!

  28. Edwin U says:

    thanks..great vid review

  29. Craig0935 says:

    Great review, thank you for taking the time to make this.

    Watched your video right before I was about to make the purchase on Amazon, made sure to click out of it and use the link in your bio 😉

    Keep em' comin'

  30. Edwin U says:

    did u ever experience eating up the battery juice when your not in direct sunlight cos that is what happen to my solar charger,i have to be in direct sunlight all the time.what do you recommend for tablets? thanks

  31. How does Renogy compare to Anker when it comes to solar panels and power ports?

  32. Kai Bastian says:

    What is the best solar panel in your oppinion?

  33. NexisFilms says:

    Guys, can someone help me ?!
    I wanted to charge my 18650s with an XTAR VC4 via this Solar charger .
    But under constant direct sunlight the amperage dial would peddle between 0.1A and 0.5A .
    Is this normal ?

  34. Joshua Duffy says:

    Do you feel ankers panels work more efficiently than goal zero's?

  35. I just purchased the 21W through your channel. Good price on it. Thanks.

  36. Ignatius Goh says:

    If u had to choose between sun jack and anker, which would you choose?

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