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Monitoring solar power

How to hack a {solar lights} system to monitor direction of power generation/use using a lava lamp. More info at{solar lights}.html


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5 Comments on "Monitoring solar power"

  1. sauroborsi says:

    great video! Great channel!

  2. snaremj says:

    Enjoyed wating this… I am currenly thinking about switching all of my computer and computer equipment to solar power. Any tips for a beginner?

  3. snaremj says:

    Also… When you say 2 120v lives. Do these inverters sink phases and make 1-240v into the panel?

  4. Bruce Winter says:

    Sorry, I mis-spoke.   The microinverters output 240v AC, not 120v.   There is a limit of around 15 panels you can put in series, to keep the current manageable with standard wiring.   Since I had 18 panels, we did 2 runs, to 2 different 240v circuit breakers in the main panel.  

    Most solar installs, including mine, are a 'grid tie' system.  They feed right into house panel, and thus your utility grid.   This is the simplest and least expensive setup, but that means you don't pick what uses the solar power (e.g. computer vs fridge).  The biggest disadvantage, at least with the current microinverter products, is that if the utility grid goes down, so does your solar power.

  5. a counter power, reversible?

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