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The Beast from Mobile Power lives up to its name. It is a 15 in 1 multipurpose power source that is the ideal vehicle contingency companion. The unit features: 400W power inverter, 2 – 120 Volt AC covered receptacles, 12Volt 18Ah Lead Acid rechargeable battery, solar trickle charger, vehicle jump starter with reverse polarity protection, 12 Volt DC power port covered receptacle, 5 Volt USB power port covered connector, 120 psi air compressor, dual 12 Volt DC accessory plugs charge/booster cable through vehicle 12 Volt DC cigarette lighter socket, high intensity emergency light bar and two detachable LED lights with the ability to transform to a single powerful flashlight. A battery charge level status bar indicator lets you know how much power is remaining. The unit comes with a foldable handle that allows for vertical and horizontal operating modes as well as built-in AC adaptor with folding prongs. A 3 foot charging extension cord and DC charger are included. A reflective triangular roadside warning sign is on the unit for emergency situations.500 cranking Amps – 1000 Peak Amps Jumpstart System with Heavy Duty Cables and Clamps
Built-in 12V 18Ah Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery with Reverse Polarity Protection
Includes a 0.5 W Solar Panel – Battery Trickle Charger, 12 Volt DC Power Port with Protective Cover and 5 Volt 500 mA USB Port with Protective Cover
400 W Power Inverter with 2 (120V AC) Outlets/Protective Covers and a 120PSI High Volume Air Compressor with Pressure Gauge
High intensity Emergency Light bar and Two Detachable LED lights designed to transform to a single powerful Flashlight


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