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Missouri Wind and Solar visits Helios America Solar Panel Factory

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Link to the Helios Monocrystaline solar panel https://mwands.com/store/solar-products/solar-panels/helios-275-watt-solar-panel MISSOURI WIND AND SOLAR …


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32 Comments on "Missouri Wind and Solar visits Helios America Solar Panel Factory"

  1. Great video. Where can we purchase these online?

  2. PressedEarth says:

    Awesome tour. Great to know that it's made in the USA. It's about time.

  3. Got 16 of them bad boys.love them. got them from you Jeff!

  4. Great video looks like a real quality Solar Panel…

  5. Andre Martel says:

    Big [lace.That place has lots of room for expansion. Thanks for the tour.

  6. Thank you bring us this awesome and informative video.

  7. Sheila6325 says:

    Very Impressed with these panels. Outstanding Video, Thank you!

  8. ian57812 says:

    Now that's the real star wars Jeff. Had no idea that much tech and robots was involved.

  9. Glenn Adams says:

    Incredible and super sanitary conditions no wonder you like their panels.

  10. illyounotme says:

    Great look into the making of solar panels thanks for filming and bringing us along with you.

  11. Thanks for the tour, you finally got to tour the factory. I know you have been trying to organised this for the last 6 month's. I am sure there are some people will that will say this is fake some how. lol.

  12. Very cool. Thanks for taking us along Jeff.

  13. 2020tesla says:

    is the entire plant made out of 80/20 extruded aluminum? lol

  14. GOOD to see all this thank you for the video Jeff.

  15. Internesting, thanks for the tour

  16. very informative! But it may be manufactured in USA but every employee I saw was Chinese.

  17. Radio God says:

    That was a cool tour. I saw in the comments that this was filmed on a day off of real production, but I did hear the owner say sales have fell some lately. It's too bad we don't all have this simple tech on our properties. I can't imagine how any solar company could not be backordered for the next 5 years. Maybe we will all come around eventually.

  18. mcanning51 says:

    Excellent Jeff, TY for making this video, it's nice to see panels being produced in US that can compete with foreign made units. Nice job keeping us informed of product choices.

  19. Excellent video Jeff! Thank you for taking so much time to let us know how that's done. This Friday I'm ordering at least one possibly two more panels and I'm wondering if I can use the Helios panels with mine. Right now I'm using two 250 watt panels (I can't remember who manufactures them). I talked with Alex just a few days ago and he sent me my estimate. By the way, I really appreciate the tech support at Missouri Wind and Solar, they always take all the time I need over the phone to answer my 'beginner' questions. Thank you again Jeff sir!

  20. Greg Collins says:

    Do they make their panel leads long enough to skip wire?

  21. john parker says:

    real good video !!! thank you !!

  22. Greg Collins says:

    Who made all the manufacturing equipment and who makes all the cells?

  23. very cool tour jeff….thanks mate. Graeme Robbins

  24. I wish u r in Wyndmoor, PA

  25. Jeff Thank You for sharing this!

  26. Very cool factory tour, I love seeing all the robots at work. I'd really like to see the factory running at full production, buy more American made solar cells America. Thanks for the video.

  27. WTF BBQ says:

    That's really cool, and it's made in USA.

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