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Missouri FreedomTM 5 Blade Wind Turbine Generator (12 Volts)

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It has a 14 magnet rotor inside and our skewed stator core for easy turning – up to 1600 watts max output! NO COGGING – Cut in speed of 6 MPH

This unit comes with:


Freedom PMGTM has no brushes, very dependable!

125,000 hours + of rated bearing life.

One heavy duty bridge rectifier for converting 3 phase to DC output.

Mounting Bracket and Heavy Duty 2 arms tail assembly.

Tail fin measures 29″ tall for maximum tracking.

No slip rings to fail or replace. Wire tension system.

Comes with 5 Raptor Generation 4 nylon carbon fiber composite blades.

Aerodynamically tapered Genuine RAPTOR GENERATION 4 Blades TM for maximum output.

Blades Make 62 1/2″ dia. swept area

Steel blade hub is 1/4” thick x 9” in diameter

Mounting Bracket Fits on 1.5″ schedule #40 or #80 pipe.

Heavy duty Hub spacer/stabilizer


{solar lights} Weight: 38.4 pounds

Shipping Weight: 40 pounds

Shipping Dimensions: 30″ x 10″ x 8″

Our Freedom PMGTM permanent magnet generator is specifically designed for {solar lights}use and can even be used with vertical axis {solar lights}.

PMG Features:

17 mm Stainless steel shaft compatible with all Missouri Wind and {solar lights} hubs

Polished aluminum case

Zinc plated 14 magnet rotor and skewed stator core

Fits delco bolt patterns and mounts up to our standard mounting bracket.

PMG Specifications:

3/8″ Diameter bolt holes

1 15/16″ on center between mounting holes 5 7/8″ OD Width 6 5/16″ Tall (Can be used as 3 phase output or DC output / Grid tie or battery charging)5 High Quality Raptor Generation 4 BladesTM – Self Regulating Blades
1600 Watt, High Amp Freedom Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)TM with skewed stator core for no-cogging!
A Missouri Wind and {solar lights} Freedom PMGTM has more copper for more power! Our Freedom PMGTM contains twice as much copper than any Delco style PMA
3 Year Limited Warranty
Also comes with: Stars & Stripes tail, steel hub, rectifier, heavy duty hub spacer/stabilizer, stainless steel nuts and bolts for assembly.

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