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Mining Bitcoin with SOLAR POWER in 2017!

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32 Comments on "Mining Bitcoin with SOLAR POWER in 2017!"

  1. Another possible solution, but would be very expensive. Combining Solar with BloomEnergy "Energy Servers".

  2. But if you have a very well paying job and running a Bitcoin miner and plan to run solar power on that miner

  3. Mining using Solar power is actually a great idea. I'm doing it with a 3kW PV system + Antminer s9 –>
    I am saving approx 30% on the power bill. There are days I doubt whether this venture was actually a wise one. On the other hand, the solar PV system will be with me for at least 15 years and I can recover the initial cost over that period of time. Not too wise perhaps, but having lights when nobody else has is priceless 🙂

  4. tr233 says:

    I am not a miner, but i think use mining equipment in USA or EU wont give any reasonable profit for using solar, maybe in China where you have cheap energy cost than it profitable. People who have an equipment should think about future like getting BTC for transacation and
    give a rent to other people to use their equpment.

  5. Its better to show the simplified visual calculation on the screen instead of reading from excel sheet that now one gonna really remember what you just said.

  6. Solar is around $4500 AUD after government rebates. With current energy cost of around 27c AUD. If you mine during the day mining become cheaper but only running 6 hours a day will take a while to get ROI. Makes the hobby somewhat cheaper.

  7. I started out with nothing and I still have most of it

  8. Andra Taylor says:

    This wouldn't be such a bad idea if you're combining solar power with outlet power. Decreases electric cost… Every bit helps

  9. There are some third party counties they olready have free energy generators and hooked up on there miners, now how it is all done is sever thousand dollar quastion, unfortunately I don't have a hands on this but what I have seen and told that's definitely better than solar alternative

  10. SilverS says:

    If someone had a large solar farm. … would allocating some power for BTC mining make sense?

  11. Yes, solar is the way to go. Solar gets rid of the power costs. If you live in a state with lots of sun, it’s massively profitable. RougePlank made a nice vid of a solar mining shed.

  12. Aleš Gaber says:

    1.3 kWH (per hour) not per day 😀 or 1.3 kw constant electricity per hour 😀
    And you cannot runn it 24/7 on sollar. no sun during the night 😀

  13. ELiTE_OpTiic says:

    I did the math and after paying for the solar setup and the computer it would take 41 years before you started to make a profit.
    Get busy bitcoin miners!!!!!!!

  14. I got intersted in bitcoin after watching that movie Dope 😅

  15. Am going to the army signing a 2 year contract saving all my basic pay & bitcoin mining is 1 of 4 of my goals and plans after I serve.

  16. Death Song says:

    Currently mining with a rig of gtx 970s.. wish I
    had the money to invest in this.. 🙁

  17. zoran soce says:

    some of your calculations are very wrong

  18. mrhypno1984 says:

    $1.30 per watt?? Your joking right? I bought 8 320 watt panels for $140 a piece plus like $230 shipping. Quit buying solar panels on ebay IDIOTS!!

  19. In Europe we can make someone else to pay for solar power I use (there are government programs that uses taxpayers money to pay for privately used solar power). I found that most of kits converts DC to AC what makes sense for private use. Miners require DC is there any easy way to skip conversion, and use solar power more directly?

  20. RockFace says:

    Say more obvious  stuff

  21. james palmer says:

    fuck bitcoin connect

  22. Sharon Candy says:

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  23. Marco Burbi says:

    You went big scale but if you consider setting up a small bitcoin farm where the electricity takes all of your profits then it could be more liable. In all your bitcoin videos you never consider bandwidth or internet costs how much would does affect you?

  24. Lisa Aulurnd says: has Auto-mining: For those who lazy. Just click to hang the machine to automatically dig btc. My PC is also quite powerful 20 threads 1 day also earned 150000 sts.

  25. tps:// Truly profitable cloud mining. You got 100GH power free for lifetime and you can buy more if you want. Earn 10% of your total investment every day. It only takes 10 days to make the money back and you are starting earning money. Check it out for your own good.

  26. Humm?  Must be something wrong wit my math.  best price I got for the whole house  10000 watt system was about $ 5000 ..Panels  +  battery's+  inverters  That is $ 2.00 bucks a watt ..

  27. Bill Ga says:

    Thanks Mike great upload.

  28. Not even close in how to estimate a solar design using batteries. You are correct in panel estimate (though it ignores cloudy days). What you gloss over, batteries and their cost, is the big ticket. Looks more toward $20k for panels, batteries, charge controller, inverter and BOS to power one S9 off-grid, 24/7/365 and allowing for 1 or 2 cloudy days in a row at any time.

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