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MINI SOLAR POWER PLANT Concentrated Sunlight Tower Type

How to make a mini {solar lights} plant at home. It is a concentrating {solar lights} Thermal Power plant. Learn to make a mini csp plant at home. Heliostates Concentrate …


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36 Comments on "MINI SOLAR POWER PLANT Concentrated Sunlight Tower Type"

  1. Hlo sir I also make it so Plzz help me. Plzz post all components used in making solar plant plz

  2. it seems this model occupies more space while concentrating less light,also it needs to be adjusted separately when sun move it's position. what about parabolic mirror?

  3. how much it cost to make one I mean the price of materials required

  4. MK Vaghasiya says:

    i need your project report

  5. Aryaa Sah says:

    Can it work in winter season??plz tell

  6. munir ahmad says:

    good a efforts but sorry to say material to be used are not cleared mentioned before preparation.

  7. Hahaha very good invention!!!

  8. ComTech says:

    U r a Genius and Engineer… Wow

  9. Know All says:

    Well done. You must have devoted days to bring this up.

  10. The earth is continuously revolving, therefore the reflection of sunlight is also moving and hence, we have to readjust the mirrors after every 5 minutes. So, it is a totally useless project. Thanks.

  11. can u plz tell me what should I use to make propeller??…

  12. yellow pipe ka naam kya hai??

  13. nice video but ho you comeect bulb with motor

  14. amir minkin says:

    I endured listen this music to the half,next time input something nice

  15. those little mirrors could be used as solar panels to collect electricity instead, no?

  16. i made this model but in this turbine doesn't rotate becoz it doesn't fixed in the motor…
    how to fixed the turbine which rotate the turbine?

  17. how much time does this project take to complete.?

  18. dont you understand give me the names i have said creeper they do not understand

  19. can you give the name of materials which a shopkeeper can understand

  20. how to make a angle of mirrior can you explain nicely and material name which is required please rply me new physicist i have to sumbit my project after 2 days

  21. ur welcome ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ€

  22. plz upload a video…. how to make energy saving smart city

  23. Sadashiv Das says:

    good idea about electronics

  24. Kamil Shakil says:

    hey aromal I need to contact you regarding an issue I am facing in making this project please tell me how to contact you if possible

  25. Passa Tempo says:

    sensacional! parabรฉns amigo ganhou mais um inscrito. precisamos de canais assim aqui no Brasil.

  26. how much did it cost you to do this project

  27. Great. well done
    would you please, which type of a dynamo it is that produce elecetricity kindly specify.

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