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Minecraft Technic Part 4. Batbox, Solar Power, Wind Power and the Wrench!

Rob continues his basic equipment setup, including the Batbox, {solar lights}, {solar lights} and of course, a Wrench!

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Game Version Minecraft Technic 6.0.7/ 1.1

Get the game here http://www.Minecraft.net
Download the Techniclauncher here http://www.technicpack.net/

Intro and ending music (theme music) By Edie Murphy

Time lapse music by Kevin Macleod

Intro, ending & thumbnail background (gears) courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net


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25 Comments on "Minecraft Technic Part 4. Batbox, Solar Power, Wind Power and the Wrench!"

  1. If you look up the alchemy bag I think it does the same thing.

  2. mrleamonruss says:

    Great video but two things. Could you speak up? And could you put a tiny bit more info in?

    An example was when i linked my battery packs up to the solar panel they just blow up?!?! How do i stop that from happening? Cheers and subbed! =D 

  3. Angel says:

    I can't seem to get my solar panel to charge my batbox… Did they change something in an update?

  4. Albinacers says:

    do you need fiber optic cables with solar panels or can you use a copper cable or hv cable.

  5. Alex Zhou says:

    BEST TECHNIC TUTORIAL EVAR!!!!! Thanks man keep up the videos, i just got the technic launcher and im exploring most of the new mods individually but your tutorial covers all the things i need!

  6. MegaHellsy says:

    Great Technic tutorials. Sub'd and watching them all as soon as I can :)

  7. I cant get any power out of the wind mills :(

  8. coryman125 says:

    10:20. What happens if you put the backpack in the backpack? 0.0

  9. noobinstyle says:

    some extra info some of you already know, a batbox can only receive a maximum of 32eu per tick, a solar panel give out 1 eu per tick so you can't put more then 32 solar panels to a batbox, a solar panel gives around 13000eu per day so that will overload your badbox quickly anyway.
    and in the tekkit mod there is a thing called 'alchemy bag' it costs a diamond but gives you an item that when you right click it gives you the space of a double chest, and it's portable allowing endless cave raids.

  10. @noobinstyle: You've got your solar panel facts mixed up, buddy. You can run any amount of solar panels to a batbox and it'll be fine, because they're all only sending out 1EU packets. It can take a limitless amount of these packets per tick, but if it takes a packet containing more than 32EU (an MV array, for instance) individually, then it's kaboom time. The More You Know!

  11. look2much2 says:

    Forgot how I found you ( think youtube search), but glad I did. You do an exceptional job at step by step explanations. Very much appreciated. 

  12. Dan Souster says:

    do you have to use glass fibre cables?

  13. John Salzar says:

    everyone get alchemy bag its like an alchemy chest with the same special abilities and space 🙂

  14. u dont have to but insulated copper wire absouletely sucks, but u still can

  15. VolimJaje says:

    i can't get that many diamonds is there an option with different wires?

  16. Nick Yerick says:

    I would subscribe if, and only if, the pre-video advertisement didn't freeze at the 1 second until you can skip the video mark every time.

  17. bodrew12 says:

    There are HV wires. 3 refined iron in a row. You can also double, or quadruple layer them. Although, the 4x layered is commonly used for nuclear reactors.

  18. VolimJaje says:

    is it as good as the diamond one?

  19. bodrew12 says:

    If double or quadruple insulated, yes, I believe so.

  20. I have only just started technic, and other than the yogscast, the macerator and furnaces are always of little priority on peoples lists.

  21. GrimBubbles says:

    Hes using technic not tekkit

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