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Message Map: How To Pitch Anything In 15 Seconds

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Forbes Contributor Carmine Gallo tells you how to pitch anything in 15 seconds using a Message Map


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40 Comments on "Message Map: How To Pitch Anything In 15 Seconds"

  1. Thanh Tran says:

    I am so impressed after watching this presentation. I learned a lot by just watching this video. Thanking you for teaching this skill.

  2. Dora Zhuo says:

    Message map -a great tool of elevator pitch!

  3. Very cool, quick, and creative guide from +Carmine Gallo  to creating a quick pitch (conversation starter, 30-second commercial, whatever you want to call it) using a #MessageMap.

  4. Low Down says:

    Single Minded Proposition….  Great video… Using Twitter 140 characters to set a boundary to the message… I like that!!! That's in the bank now… Thanks,.

  5. All well and good. Good presentation which focused on features of the business.  Remember folks to also pitch the benefits of the product/service to potential customers.

  6. Aser Lewis says:

    Can someone help me, I'm a fundraiser for the Red Cross & I am pitching first aid & support for the elderly. I have just started & I am confident but need help with getting my points & views across to donors in "15 secs" can some give me a pitch or tips on how to do this & what I should say to get donors to sign up. We ask them for a £2'weekly donations for a minimum of 12months. Any help is good cheers Ace

  7. 15 seconds? 30 seconds? You had might as well made it an hour long. Customers in retail don't want to hear anything over 3-5 seconds, and that includes the "Hi, welcome to …"

  8. Biggy S says:

    Why not say awhole lotta nothing in a 1 hour video

  9. great video.. taking it all on board 

  10. This is awesome! THANKS!!!

  11. Thai Tastic says:

    Why did it take 4;34 to pitch this video?

  12. George Torok says:

    The Message map – a powerful technique. I like it.

  13. tankersmit says:

    Good one just what I need for me bus. plan

  14. Bud Brown says:

    Great. Thank you.

  15. can you make a video on how to pitch a town?

  16. Tracy Allen says:

    Great! Thank you for your time to share this knowledge. Makes sense.

  17. Wow, thanks for sharing such simple, effective and do-able formula.  I cant wait to get stuck into mine. I'm keeping you in my watch later, until I get it ingrained in my brain.

  18. this guy is a F-ING PUTZ. ASK ME. I'LL SMOKE HIM. EASY. MAX?

  19. Joe Barone says:

    Fantastic I share with my clients.

  20. Oscar Cortez says:

    its like writing an essay

  21. Oscar Cortez says:

    its like writing an essay

  22. Diana 4894 says:

    I was watching Lush hauls and this was a suggested video. Im glad I watched this. I took up Marketing in college and this video helped me to refresh my memory. :)

  23. Ross jhon says:

    good info. bad example

  24. This video is amazing! I needed a short pitch for a business competition and this helped a lot :P

  25. outstanding brilliant thanks for sharing great ideas

  26. Mark Bowen says:

    Great tips! Do you have a transcript for this?

  27. Ken Bisson says:

    Great. Thank you.

  28. Kim Dijkstra says:

    Thanks! Helped me alot whilst pitching my own product. (:

  29. Fucking lame go watch Grant Cardone

  30. commfourteen says:

    this the nigger with the fucked up hair….

  31. Jeffrey Ram says:

    Message map but not a pitch

  32. MrVirmani says:

    how would you pitch for cars and car finance?

  33. bodybesilk says:

    Very Informative!

  34. Arman Sol says:

    Great points. Thanks

  35. Edgy Guy says:

    And in none of these points does he address why a customer may actually benefit from any of things things. A good pitch is about how the customer benefits from using the product, not how great the product is.

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