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Make Money With Solar Panels

{solar lights} are a common site across the UK and a great way of reducing energy costs. But did you know that installing {solar lights} PV panels could even turn you a tidy profit? With the government’s tariff schemes you can ensure completely free energy and even sell your excess energy back to the grid. Here’s how:

1. Install {solar lights} PV panels

Over the last decade the cost of installing {solar lights} has dramatically reduced, which means getting your panels fitted won’t break the bank. There are lots of {solar lights} installers out there fitting panels but make sure you check them out thoroughly and ask to see examples of their previous work.

2. Apply for the Feed In Tariff (FIT)

Whether you use {solar lights}, wind or water power, if you generate your own electricity you’re eligible for the FIT.

How it Works

You’ll get a set figure for each kilowatt hour of electricity that’s generated by your {solar lights} panels. The amount you’ll get will be based on a number of factors, including:

  • Who fitted your panels – they must be installed by a certified PV Installer company
  • When your panels were fitted
  • The type of panels you fit
  • The size of your {solar lights}

To find out more about this you can speak to an energy supply company or a {solar lights} installation company. You can either choose to receive payments from the energy company you already use, or you can choose another registered supplier. Click here for a list of registered suppliers around the country.

However, these payments will cover the cost of your energy, so in effect you will be getting your energy completely free, but not necessarily turning a profit – but you can also make money on your excess energy. Here’s how:

The Export Tariff

The export tariff allows homeowners to sell energy back to the grid. At present, you can earn 4.5p for every unit of electricity you sell, provided that you applied for the FIT after 1st August 2012. If you applied for the FIY before this time you’ll be entitled to 3.2p for each unit of extra energy you generate.

How Much Could I Get?

You can visit the Energy Saving Trust (EST) website to find out more about the cost of installing {solar lights} and the money you could make selling your energy. Click here to visit the {solar lights} calculator on the EST website.


It feels great to do your bit for the environment, but it’s even better to make money at the same time! So don’t delay, fit {solar lights} today and you could be getting completely free energy and selling back to the grid within a matter of weeks, so you never have to worry about the cost of energy again!

Source by Philip Simpson

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