Low power 0.5-12W AC power mini 3 phase generator micro wind hand teaching example model AC 3-24V 300-6000RPM

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Motor size: bottom motor rotor Dia28.5*10mm;Fixed plate 30*30mm;The total size 30*30*13.2mm; The output shaft diameter: 3mm;The output Shaft length: 31.5mm; Cable length: about 70mm
Voltage: AC 3-24V;Current: 0.1-1A;Rated speed: 300-6000RPM;Rated Power: 0.5-12W
This product is a three-phase AC generator which can be connected to any two lines can be lit LED lamp beads. This product is suitable for micro-{solar lights}generator system friction micro hydro hand, three-phase AC power aids school textbook model.
Instructions for use: 1) This series is mainly suitable for small generator to charge the battery, so you need to use the AC motor is converted into direct current, it needs to be rectified and filtered.
2) When the motor noise increases, the gear oil can be added to the gear motor

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