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Low Cost Solar Panels – How to Build a Solar Panel

Do you know which the most copious source of power is? Well, it is the sun. Therefore, we must use the {solar lights} energy is a renewable source of energy and it also does not pollute the environment. You can surely learn how to build a {solar lights} and enjoy the benefits of the free {solar lights} electricity. However, there are a few things you need to consider while building a {solar lights} cell and I would like to enlighten you about the same.

The first and foremost thing you should consider when you are wondering how to build your own {solar lights} is that whether you are located in the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere. The reason for this is that the direction where the {solar lights} face is crucial for them to produce electricity efficiently and this depends on the position of the sun. You are located in the southern hemisphere, and then the solar cells need to be faced north so that they are able to capture maximum sunlight. Building the {solar lights} is quite simple providing you have the basic carpentry skills. Collecting the proper tools and the required parts can be a good start. If the improvement store in your area does not have these parts, then you can definitely shop for them online. You can also try and purchase these parts on websites like eBay.

While building the {solar lights}, you really require a Rosin Flux pen for fluxing into bus strips on the solar cells. While you are doing this make sure that the wiring connections are proper and the reason for this is that the solar cells have to be connected to one another. Once you have got all the cells connected with the help of silicon, you are supposed to place them securely in a plywood panel. There will be two unattached wires left of the solar cells. The reason why you need to drill holes in the plywood is for feeding the wires through and then seal the gaps if any using silicon.

Then you should actually build frame for the {solar lights} at the have to be enclosed with Plexiglas. You have to fix the frame to the plywood board which has to be waterproof. Therefore you can secure Plexiglas to the frame by using silicon and screws. However, you need to drill the screw holes first in the Plexiglas before attaching the frame. But this is by not doing the same cracking may occur. You should also check the {solar lights} for any gap so that moisture cannot penetrate it.

Whichever holes or gaps you find, make sure that they are sealed with silicon regardless of how small they are. You should also remember to make a small hole in the bottom of the {solar lights} so that moisture will not build up in the same. Also, this whole it is also avoids any rainwater from collecting.

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