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Living Off The Grid 2: Our Solar Array in Off Grid Solar Power System

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37 Comments on "Living Off The Grid 2: Our Solar Array in Off Grid Solar Power System"

  1. I am sure you will learn how to make it if you will read INPLIX HANDBOOKS from cover to cover :)

  2. MAE HAY says:

    Like how through your explanation is, it really helps me to understand this solar technology that is still mysterious to me except what it actually does of course!

  3. I made it, learned on inplix website. great solutions I think.

  4. Marhta Linck says:

    so i made it too . just by using inplix scripts:)

  5. Amar Ahmed says:

    نشكر كل من ساهم في هذا البرنامج


  6. pattoe1973 says:

    i cant hear you , because of the fucked up noise

  7. John Ohan says:

    Aren't you worried that heavy winds might knock your array down if they are positioned like that? It's like a wing for your shed!

  8. You recorder this video with what, carrot?

  9. Z Lantz says:

    Whats up Northern Colorado!  I'm in Foco & looking at putting in a 3000w system…  Not too sure on were the batteries go on these newer systems?

  10. wb6iaq1 says:

    If you use 10 X 12 volt batteries and a 120 volt DC to AC inverter, you will save power with a 80% efficiancy,  you could run your house for days

  11. mtothem1337 says:

    How many panels would you need to feed 4000 watt of constant power? 12 hour cycles.

  12. Wow, I've been watching a few videos on solar power from different people, and the comments they are getting are really snippy … everyone seems to think they are all experts at solar … and everything else.  What a pain in the neck.

  13. how are you , If anyone else is discover the top hints for solar power try Banfan Genie Solar Power (just google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got excellent success with it – saved a ton of money 

  14. glista grand says:

    Great video , If anyone else is learn the most effective secrets for solar power try Banfan Genie Solar Power (do a search on google)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it – saved a lot of cash 

  15. nisw1918 says:

    thanks gave you a thumbs up please return the favor if you feel like it 

  16. Naresh kumar says:

    i like solar energy

  17. +webdirector2112 Generally speaking you will get 4 – 5 peek sun hours per day, depending on your location and the season. So if you require 16kwh per day, you should be looking at a minimum of a 4kw system…. BUT if your talking off-grid, it needs to be much larger to compensate for cloudy days etc. My first suggestion, is to look seriously at ways of lowering your energy consumption… :-D

  18. DIY Solar says:

    Wow, I mean very wow! I like the position of panel in the small house. Well-explained and informative. Nice video.

  19. So just 1350 watt panels is enough to run your entire house ? That's amazing. A toaster alone is 1500 watts. Plus refrigerators etc. I use 16kwh per day which isn't much. What would I need? I'm just starting to research this and not familiar with it. Thx. The videos are great and learning a lot very quickly. Explaining things very well.

  20. Hello! Thank for videos. Can you make subtitles to help non-English-speaking people to understand these videos easier?

  21. maybe your homemade ones are but most ppl dont make them like that. to get it like that most have to buy them that way..

  22. even though they are rated at over 12 the controller levels them at 12 and averages them as if they were 12. therefore combined they make it 60.

  23. thats funny because my whole cabin style home is run soley off 700 watt solar and wind system hooked up to a 400ah agm battery bank & 2500 watt pure sine wave inverter and i have all the normal features a normal home would have like computers, fridge, lights, etc,,, my system cost under $3000 and provides more than enough power. we use wood for heating and cooking. it pays for it self real quick. you dont know what you are talking about.

  24. Feel Good says:

    What method of energy would you use if the power grid went down? I'm not sure but 12v system could run a lot of things you could get from old cars. I suppose my attraction for solar energe is because it is quiet.

  25. Sven3xs says:

    Kriss that's the cost of your whole set up yes? Not just the panel array?

  26. lach0125 says:

    matching your latitude to your panel tilt is incorrect.

  27. Mike Russell says:

    I with three other individuals have started a web site for self-reliance, this has been our main focus. We currently are looking for hosts on the subject of solar energy, the host conducts a show from once a month to four times a month on the same day of each week. This is offered free of charge to individuals that want to help others on their subject matter. We have a commattator tat can help with a show or you can conduct the show a lon. the web site is aroundthecabin Thanks!

  28. Hey Glenn, good to hear from you. You can get the whole setup from my store at spheral solar dot com. My setup cost about $12k 7 years ago, would be closer to $10k now.

  29. Glenn Hough says:

    so how much did you spend building this big solar panel including the batteries and wires you use? and can youo tell me where did you purchase those?? thnx much..

  30. so, you can easily heat your home with a wood stove-_- As for having the money to buy this equipment. There is always the options of barter and trade. Money is not the only way to acquire things.

  31. Hieu Don says:

    his little shed put on muffin or pudding. so . no problem… wah hahah. just kidding

  32. 60v? huh? 5 panels at even working voltage of 16V each would be 80V. Nonimal open circuit more like 100V.

  33. very good, its so important solar energy .

  34. Go here. Its the best place to learn and have your questions answered!

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