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Komaes 40 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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Komaes 40 Amp MPPT {solar lights} Charge Controller

Komaes MPPT is essentially a smart DC to DC {solar lights}which has been optimized to harvest maximum energy from the PV array in battery based {solar lights} electric systems by using a variety of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) strategies.The controller¡¯s secondary objective is to ensure that the batteries receive a full charge without becoming overcharged.

Detailed description
– Model : SUN-MPPT-4515A
– Sxstem Voltage : 12V/24V/48V
– Max. {solar lights} Array : 12VDC 630Watts /24VDC 1260Watts/48VDC 2688Watts
-Peak Efficiency : 98%
-PV Open Circuit Voltage : 150 Volts DC
-Charge Current : 45A
-Load Current : 30A
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About Komaes
Komaes was established in 1992. We integrate design,development, manufacture,distribution and export business.Our main products are {solar lights} systems,and {solar lights} lights.The company strictly follows ISO9001 quality system,equipped with advanced testing equipment and professional quality engineer.We keeprigorous controls on incoming inspection,production process,finished goods inspection and all relative processes.All {solar lights} modules are cerified by TUV IEC,MCS,CEC,{solar lights} Product Certification(CQC),CE(SGS).With the tenet of “Creating value for clients”,the company is expanding continually in the filed of {solar lights} energy to provide top quality {solar lights} products.Peak efficiency of 98%
Four stage charging process
Sealed, Gel, and Flooded, battery option
The MPPT operation is fully automatic.
Widely used, automatically recognize day/night

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