KNACRO MPPT Solar Charge Controller Regulator Charge Controller With Digital Display and Adjustable Suitable DC 12-60V Step Up TO DC 15-90V for 24V 36V 48V 72V (12-60V) 0-10A battery charging | Solar & Wind Products; View Hundreds of Solar & Wind Products Here!

KNACRO MPPT Solar Charge Controller Regulator Charge Controller With Digital Display and Adjustable Suitable DC 12-60V Step Up TO DC 15-90V for 24V 36V 48V 72V (12-60V) 0-10A battery charging

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Input voltage: DC 12-90V.
Output voltage: can be set by the key DC12V-90V voltage continuously adjustable for 24V / 36V / 48V / 60V / 72V battery pack charge.
Output current: can be set by key 0-10A continuously adjustable.
Output power: maximum output 600W, the best fit 100W-600W {solar lights}. The greater the power, the more obvious the effect of MPPT.
Scope: 20W-600W, for 12-90V {solar lights} to the battery group, lithium battery charging, {solar lights} electric car charging system, home photovoltaic distributed power generation system, {solar lights} street lights and so on.
Product Features: Controller MPPT tracking accuracy and conversion efficiency Industry-leading, fully automated intelligent charge management, high efficiency BoMP MPPT {solar lights} controller, dedicated to the battery and lithium battery charge management.
Display interface: color LCD display voltage / current / power / charge status.
Operating mode: MPPT / DC-DC two options, MPPT for photovoltaic applications, DC-DC for the power supply applications.
Charging options: lithium batteries and batteries are applicable, built-in 20 sets of data sets for users to set up their own and storage, support a multi-purpose machine.
Protect the circuit:
{solar lights} anti-charge, at night and other light is not the case, the battery voltage may be higher than the terminal voltage of the {solar lights} array. The controller with anti-charging circuit to prevent the battery on the {solar lights} cell counter-charge
– Input and output reverse polarity protection: the controller input and output are MOS reverse protection circuit, the effective protection of the controller and the battery from damage.
– overload protection: the controller will automatically cut off the circuit in the case of overload.

Package Included:
1 * MPPT {solar lights} Charge Controller
1 * User Manual
The full name of the MPPT is Maximun Power Point Tracking, which realizes the generation voltage of the {solar lights} in real time and tracks the maximum voltage and current value (VI). By adjusting the operating state of the electrical module, the system charges the battery with maximum power output. MPPT controller used in {solar lights} photovoltaic systems, coordination of {solar lights} to the battery charge, is the brain of the photovoltaic system.
The controller uses advanced software to take the initiative to quickly solve the algorithm, accurate and fast tracking of the maximum power point of the photovoltaic module components, automatic tracking work in the {solar lights} cell components of the maximum power point to get more photovoltaic energy, improve the efficiency of charging and power generation rate.
The controller uses the boost mode, for a wide range of conversion efficiency; battery charging constant current constant voltage charging process, both to ensure that the charging speed also protects the battery.
The controller uses 1.8-inch 160 * 128 high-resolution full-color LCD display, the expression of intuitive information, display interface beautiful, can effectively read the {solar lights} operating voltage, battery charging voltage, charging current, charging power, the cumulative charge capacity and charging Time charging progress and so on.

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