KINGSOLAR™ Ultra-light 6.5W 5V Portable Flexible Backpack Solar Panel Charger for camping for all phone,GPS,MP3 … | Solar & Wind Products; View Hundreds of Solar & Wind Products Here!

KINGSOLAR™ Ultra-light 6.5W 5V Portable Flexible Backpack Solar Panel Charger for camping for all phone,GPS,MP3 …

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10 Advantages of KINGSOLAR {solar lights}
1.High Efficiency
The efficiency of KINGSOLAR {solar lights} is up to 18.5%,while most of other similar products on the market is around 15% or even less
2.Intelligently Power Supply
When you’re outdoor activities or even in the house,where there’s enough sunlight there’s free limitless power
3.Compatibility Maximized
Compatible with Android smartphones,Samsung Galaxy Phones,Gopro Cameras and other USB-charged devices
4.Unique design of voltage regulater to ensure stable current and protect your device while charging
5.Rugged Quality
The structure of {solar lights}:PET+EVA+Mono {solar lights} cell+TPT.Premium materials and circuitry ensure lifetime reliability
6.Portable Design
Super light weight with only 4.27oz which ability to travel along with it anywhere.Durable eyeholes for multiple carrying or hanging options and enable easy attachment to your backpack, tent,branch or even trees
7.Easy to use
1,Plug your dying gadgets into the USB port 2,Place the {solar lights} panel where capturing the maximum sunshine,like backpacks,windows,car windshields,platform,etc
8.Environmental Friendly
Enjoy easy charging for your devices wherever you are by using unlimited,clean and free {solar lights}
9.Professional Technical Support
KINGSOLAR company have our own professional R&D team experience in the {solar lights} panel fields over 8 years
10.Warranty Policy
12 months worry-free product guarantee for every purchase from KINGSOLAR.Efficient and 100% satisfied customer service

Minimize exposure to water to protect electrical components
Use your device’s original cable or a third-party certified one
Place device inside your pocket while charging to avoid sun damageKINGSOLAR™ 6.5W mono-crystaline 18.5% conversion rate {solar lights} array provides up to USB 5V-1000mA output.
Perfect for rapidly charging your all your 5V USB-charged gadgets, such as,cell phones, smart phones,GPS Units, digital camera, bluetooth Speaker, android phones,eReader,MP4 MP3,PSP game player while you’re camping,hiking,fishing,biking,on the go or other outdoor activities.
Eyeholes design makes it convenient to attach on backpack for use on the go.Ultra-compact:8.94 x 7.72 x 0.04 inches,with only 4.27oz weight.Premium materials and circuitry ensure lifetime reliability.
Portable,scratch-resistant,rain-resistant,unique design of voltage regulater,easy to use,environmental friendly,energy conservation,no pollution,no radiative.The perfect outdoor accessory for you!
Package included: 5W {solar lights} charger,user manual.12 months worry-free product guarantee,professional technical team backup and friendly customer service

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