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Kansas Solar Panels in Kansas – Solar

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  2. zonetc888 says:

    great video thanks

  3. free4alls says:

    Lol! I cant stop laughing thats so funny

  4. You are really good at editing! What editing program do you use?

  5. Samuel Lee says:

    Maybe i should invent my own button and call it epic, then sell the idea to youtube!

  6. This one is the Best by far

  7. qweRty says:

    Keep doing what your doing!

  8. davadealer says:

    What a jolly? fella!

  9. hands down the best video out yet

  10. zonetc888 says:

    I dont often leave comments but I felt like I had to this time, Really nice video! I dont know what it was about it, but I really enjoyed it!

  11. I love you ur vids are amazing

  12. Great job! very creative and original video 🙂

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