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Inside a solar powered car window ventilator.

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I was originally going to use this device to pull out humid air from my car on sunny days, but the failure of the window mechanism prevented its use. The brushed …


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43 Comments on "Inside a solar powered car window ventilator."

  1. Haha exactly the same happened to me! Mk4 Golf…

  2. worddunlap says:

    I thought the title was "Inside a Solar Powered Car". Am I an optimist?

  3. Lol how can one think for even a split second that a piss-end solar panel like this turd can even overcome the internal friction of the fan to get it even started… 😀

  4. dadygee says:

    When I watch these vids I always want to buy cheap stuff from china and take it apart… Maby I should just spend a few bucks each month to watch you do It Clive.. Save the enviroment and all… but now we have a catch 22 and all.

  5. You know that it's going to be a good video when Big Clive gets his notepad out.

  6. waste money on a pentagraph(window regulator)? even on the isle of Man they can't be more than $150 new and much less from a parts yard.

  7. dwarfer777 says:

    when my car breaks i take it to the shop vet thing wotever u call it

  8. Peter Jensen says:

    Given that AC isn't something that's widespread in the UK (based on my understanding), I was curious if cars had it for that Defrost purpose to solve the fogged up windows you describe?

  9. I don't think the mechanism would have broken so easily on my car. Hillman Avengers were made of sterner stuff.

  10. This reminds me of the Aut-Mat and it's infamous commercial

  11. Steve Clark says:

    I can't believe that you glued your car window in place basically. Lol

  12. pauljs75 says:

    Those things are so under-powered they're not really worth the bother in the first place. You can move more air waving your hand around for a minute than that fan does in the same time. So it's just a useless gimmicky thing vs. the amount of heat that builds up in a car's greenhouse.

  13. Spartacusse says:

    The "internets" shows those do virtually no difference in lowering the car temperature. Condensation is probably not a problem for most of the world. (Sorry wet land).

  14. whorayful says:

    Condensation is stuff you get on bathroom mirrors, you actually get it inside cars?
    It's so dry in Australia I had a couple of oranges escape from my shopping bag a few years back, I found them under the front seat a few months later, tiny shrunken oranges, still orange, still round but about 1/3 the size and as hard as a billiard ball.

  15. For removing the hot glue to detach the solar panel (unless you already did this) and for future hot glue removal, put some cleaning alcohol on the glue's edge and start lifting the glue off. The alcohol will flow under and detach it in a matter of seconds with very little effort. If the glue sticks a lot, put more alcohol on.

  16. finger351 says:

    The name you were looking for is door panel, sometimes called a door card but that does'nt sound right, the bulkhead is the steel panel between the engine bay and the passenger compartment.

  17. Norm Monkey says:

    This might actually be useful with the addition of a LiPo battery and a microcontroller. I can't imagine running it while the sun beats down having much impact, but storing power and running it in the pre-dawn hours might help with morning condensation or frost.

  18. Ben Gim says:

    Tryed it, totally worthless!

  19. HL4EHalfLife says:

    I've taken one of those apart before.. the solar panel was actually not good enough to even make the motor spin and when checking the voltage in direct sunlight it only was getting 0.3 volts, so it's a good thing I found it in the garbage and didn't actually waste money on it.

  20. GoogleMinus says:

    I used one of those cheap cigarette lighter solar panels on my dashboard and wired up a computer fan to the vent in the rear quarter panel. I was going to hook directly to the blower motor but I was afraid I might damage something else.

  21. MrFujack103 says:

    Welcome to the automotive world lol

  22. Old idea rebranded, I had one back in the late '80s. Throw old bed sheets on the back and front windows will keep the whole car cool.

  23. Matthew Shaw says:

    Clive (or anyone else tbh) ! I'm looking to buy a power bank, and since I consider you the authority on powerbank safety, what should I avoid? I dont really want to be blown up, or catch fire. For example, a £7.00 morrisons brand power bank. Would that be dangerous?

  24. Summary: broke fan, broke car, broke everything.

  25. Jason Woods says:

    I think sparks could fly if we were to get bigclive and photonic induction in the same video

  26. gantmj says:

    My solar car window fan broke within a couple months.

  27. I had the window regulator break on my car in the middle of winter, that was a pain in the ass to change out, and since it was a ford I had to replace the part 2 or 3 times

  28. My brother invented this. Well, he had the idea and we worked out a back-of-the-napkin design for it…. about a year later we found this exact product online. Derp. I used it for a few month and it seemed to work ok.

  29. Daniel Brady says:

    Im falling assleep

  30. Since these appeared in commercials in the 1990s here in the US, I'd always wondered what kind of value proposition could have been presented by the owner(s) of this device to the various auto manufacturers ( maybe a licensing deal with each competitor? ) , to list a similar function as a purchase option installed alongside the automobile's climate controls where it could source air from the existing fresh air ductwork.
    Solar cells of that size and output were cheap as were the motors.
    Vehicles would've been kept secure as well instead of what I recollect coming up in conversation / news outlets as the weak point of entry for a vehicle theft or the contents therein.

  31. The part I was waiting for never happened. I wanted to see the voltage output of that small solar cell

  32. kirkb4989 says:

    I'm sure you have had many "long and wet evenings"!!!

  33. I have 2 of these, and they are pretty much useless. Pointing them directly at the sun, will give the motor a gentle spin. But once it is behind the glass, it just peters out. It seems that the glass on my car stops just enough of the light to kill the power. My glass is non-tinted, and on an '84 Pontiac Fiero. I doubt that auto-glass of that age is polarized in anyway. But I could be wrong about that. Either way, the fans are useless.

  34. I had one of these about 10 years ago. It was a piece of junk.

  35. Andrew Walsh says:

    Cheap shitty Chinese prooducts like these are just not designed for use with Modern Conventional Vehicles with Automatic window closing mechanisms, Neither are most vehicle Window mechanisms designed to allow any modification, which makes absolute sense since it opens up a whole world of potential security issues with vehicle security systems, etc, not to mention exposing the interior cockpit to the elements, rain, dust, pollution etc… Yeah, Car manufacturers must Shudder with Absolute DISGUST when they see these kinds of Products on the Market.

  36. Brian Allen says:

    I bought one of those, they do work but not very well.

  37. JF Guy says:

    You have not missed a thing with that fan! I had one when I lived in Dallas Texas USA. The solar cell doesn't provide enough power to turn the fan fast enough to pull much air out of the car. In a nutshell, it doesn't work

  38. NozzyTheFox says:

    what car are you explaining the prosess of? because my Subaru is far far more easier than that.

  39. Hi Clive can I have an email to contact you on please as I'd like to send you something

  40. FL1PN0S1S says:

    was the spudger at anytime used on your car window/door panel predicament? sadly, the spudger didn't see any action with that auto fan. did i mention the absence of the spudger in this video?

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