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Injecting Insulin With the Lantus SoloSTAR Pen


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20 Comments on "Injecting Insulin With the Lantus SoloSTAR Pen"

  1. Sopia Ahmad says:

    thanx for information gud video

  2. Ann Richard says:

    how do u no when pen is out

  3. gohar farid says:

    GOD bless
    Helpful ??

  4. jayel onate says:

    Is that ok if i keep the pen inside the refrigerator after i use ang get it before i use?

  5. Great video. These SoloStar insulin pens work in the new insulin pen holder by HangTite and available at

  6. Sure Wood says:

    My doctor wants me to go to a class and the pharmacist showed me the best that she could but to see a demonstration is key. Thanks so much in advance..

  7. Mehmet Duran says:

    on numara etkili bir ilac

  8. Aravind Kuna says:

    Great this helped

  9. Sally Meyer says:

    This is very helpful thank you very much for uploading this video

  10. I am thin and 5' 4 124 lbs. I spent 7 years in the NAVY on submarines which has a lot of good food. I am now 54 and found out I had diabetes 4 years ago. I did not know I had it before that time as I lost my legs to it. I have been on pills since them and watch what I eat and still thin. So thin folks can get it. I really,y need to gain 15 lbs. I just stared the product on this video . I started on it last week and so far it makes my blood sugar now has been as far low as 40 and put me in the hospital. It keeps going to low and even taking a low dose but it I take the lower my sugar goes up to 280 . I can not take a few diabetes pills as I am a lot of other drugs.I have also seen the cost of this its 400.00 for 1 month for me . My heath plan covers 300.00 of it.

  11. J Briggs says:

    how come you have to do the test with 2ml. Why cant you just test with 1ml?

  12. Ryudox la says:

    Thanks so much for the tip. I didn't realize why sometimes injections hurt because I was hitting a muscle. I use the pens in my stomach and the syringe in my thighs but because I'm on blood thinners I have the most horrible bruise marks.?

  13. thanks a lot just what i needed

  14. brazil5657 says:

    I think when a Doctor prescribes Insulin to a patient.  Then that patient should be shown how to inject themselves before they leave that office.  Or be sent to a Diabetic Education class that will show and monitor that patient injecting themselves.   This should be done before a patient injects themselves for the first time.  If this isn't done, then the Doctor that prescribed the Insulin, should not be practicing medicine.    No one should have to watch a video, to educate themselves on such an important issue.

  15. Agus Wibowo says:

    thanks a lot, for tutorial :)

  16. God bless you this is so helpful. My little brother just got diagnosed with diabetes type a. Thanks a bunch

  17. Sondra Lee says:

    Thanks for this video! I followed step by step with it to give my first injection.. Thanks for the confidence! Not scared anymore!

  18. Thanks for the demo,it help!

  19. Thanks a lot ❤️❤️❤️

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