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Hydrogen Energy – The Power Of The Future And The Genius Of The Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The concept of using hydrogen energy to run mechanical applications like a car engine evolved the Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology was first introduced in the 1800’s. Sir William Robert Grove created the first fuel cell. The fuel cell consisted of a combination of hydrogen and oxygen with an electrolyte that created a type of electricity and water. His ingenious creation was the first form of what is now called Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology.

Throughout history, many prominent figures have contributed towards refining the hydrogen fuel cell technology. Some of them are William White Jaques, Ludwig Mond, and Charles Langer. The fuel cell design had air with industrial coal gas, phosphoric acid, and solid oxide as main functioning elements.

The Germans are known to have paved the way for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology to evolve into what it is today. An engineer named Francis T. Bacon improved the technology significantly and developed a less corrosive alkaline electrolyte and created a better catalyst that would be more inexpensive to produce.

In the year of 1959, Francis T. Bacon introduced the world to his five-kilowatt fuel cell, which had the ability to power an entire welding machine. This was a milestone in the history of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology. His fuel cell design was known as the infamous “Bacon Cell.”

Harry Karl Ihrig introduced the first vehicle powered by a fuel cell. It was a 20-horsepower tractor. Since then, there has been no looking back for hydrogen fuel cell technology. Today, NASA Space Shuttles orbit the space using Hydrogen energy from fuel cells. Buses, luxury cars, and utility vehicles are being introduced to harness Hydrogen energy optimally in a cost effective and environment-friendly manner.

Believe it or not you can actually adopt this technology to power your car today.

This is another incredible bonus with Hydrogen energy – it is overwhelmingly environment friendly.

Wouldn’t you like to contribute a little more towards making our Mother Earth a better place to live?

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Source by Chris Bulpit

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