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Hybrid battery backup with several generator options

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This is not your average backup system. It provides at least 4 ways to charge a battery bank. Solar, Grid, Diesel generator, multiple small propane generators.

The PV system cost ~ 30k and the generators around ~20k.

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24 Comments on "Hybrid battery backup with several generator options"

  1. 5dognight1 says:

    Forget that! $800 connection?!? LISTEN PEOPLE! If the power goes out,
    Step 1. kill the "Main" breaker to your meter.
    Step 2. Make a "double male" connection by splicing two extension cords.
    Step 3. Plug your generator into any household socket.
    You now have power to every room in your house and it didn't cost you $800! You're welcome!

  2. EZ Off Grid says:

    GenConneX sells new Honda 2000 propane generators online with a one year warranty. Converting the Hondas to propane nullifies your warranty. The big problem with Ethanol is that it absorbs water 50 times more than the gas that was using MTBE so gasoline is no longer suitable for long term storage. Using a marine stabilizer and a water separator will help if you must store gasoline.   

  3. stager33 says:

    using a male to input power is illegal
    using the mains on the 25k  is ok for full power but to use the 50 amp in parallel  to run the same house gets you no more watts. it gets you nothing but a chance to kill your self get a qualified electrician  before you burn down your house   or kill some one

  4. I'll stick with my little Honda genny and go into conservation mode when the grid goes down. I can still store gas for six months with no problem. I have two 100 gallon gas tanks that will last me several months and I rotate the gas out to keep storage at a minimum.

  5. Tom C says:

    nice ringtone.

  6. jksatte says:

    Where do you even find ethanol free gas? I haven't seen any gas stations that don't use ethanol. They have a nice system. You do great work.  Janice

  7. jjcud says:

    make sure you fully unwind the cord from the steel wheel when in use.

  8. Matt Wilson says:

    Not gonna be selling any electricity back in the state of Oklahoma. Thanks to our completely corrupt government and our completely corrupt governor Mary Fallin and her wonderful SUN TAX!!!  Any power produced over what your household consumes every month goes to the power company— for FREE. Unless you are one of the 350 people in the state who were already doing it before the law kicked in. I wonder how much it cost OG&E to buy off all those politicians?
    State and Federal government – The Largest Organized Crime Syndicate in the History of the WORLD!
    Two parties? Bullshit, that's a total SCAM, smoke and mirrors to fool the masses and keep us looking the other way. There's only ONE party and that's the CRIMINAL party.
    Sorry about the political rant, just pisses me off. Great setup in the video btw, wish I could afford it! :)

  9. kholod kal says:

    Kindly, do you have a algorithm or technical articles for that system ( PV+2/3/4 generators)

  10. sorry my plan is better get a petrol generator and run it off water

  11. Mike Brink says:

    I'm glad to see they make the propane kits for the inverter generators as well. It last at least twice as long running off clean propane. Less pollution too.

  12. Ninja 87 says:

    Is the propane conversion sold as a kit?  Curious as to the cost of the large trailered gen set?

  13. John A says:

    I love the neatness of this, good work! However in all these videos it boggles my mind that batteries are always getting shoved into enclosed wood containers (fire hazard…)

  14. Phil hayward says:

    At last someone who's done his homework. Well done……mate you could power your neighbours place too?

  15. What does a system like this cost with engineering, installation, solar array and generator

  16. Does anyone else realize if the grid goes down water will no longer be pumped to your home
    So unless your swimming pool is connected to your home water system sewage etc you may not survive long anyways

  17. very shaky video made me want to vomit. but very nice video if you have money

  18. What is the smallest converter I would need to run a full size fridge? Can one deep cycle 12 volt battery run it or 2 batteries would be better. I got one deep cycle battery the size of a large truck battery.

  19. Wise sales a joke, your good guy but they are a disaster! You need to be very careful!!

  20. Terrible video, but fine system. Your should consider getting a camera shooting class if you want to continue to have viewers

  21. AlfreyFarms says:

    ok, so I got both (2000i & 2000EU) running in parallel, and I had my first test after a storm power outage Sunday, here is what I was able to run at the same time within Honda specs,   21 cu ft frig,   21 cu ft freezer,   12,000 btu A/C,   42" plasma,   5 fans,   lights,  charge batteries for my 24VDC solar pump,  and a quail egg incubator.

  22. 1GUNRUNNER says:

    200000th view.

  23. aboutt how much was the whole setup? was this installed personally or a company? permits required? looking at making a simliar setup for an off grid in the mountains

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