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How to Wire Shaded Solar Panels

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We demonstrate the effects of solar panel shading and how best to wire two solar panels if partial shading cannot be avoided.


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37 Comments on "How to Wire Shaded Solar Panels"

  1. so if I have a solar boost charge controller what would be the best panel combination for a 24 volt battery bank?

  2. Can I get my receipt I never did get that please because I need to have it for my taxes.

  3. very good show as always, i learn every time i watch and i save these to watch over and over. i like the fan on the left that it moves pans and tilts, would you say where or a link to a place that sells them, have not seen them up here, eh

  4. Dylan T says:

    Loving those shorts solar lady. Talk about catchin some rays!

  5. Good work on your videos, very informative, and easy to understand. Makes me want to sell my camper so I can buy another and build another solar system!

  6. Hi Amy . Very useful demonstration. Which type of panel is least affected by shade, poly or mono crystalline ?         As a side note, wear a bikini on the next video.      I bet it will charge up the D I Y  male customers.  I'll bring the margaritas !  Thanks   J K

  7. Smr M says:

    I want books about solar energy
    thanks )

  8. nettlesoup says:

    I was looking forward to this episode – and it did not disappoint! All the combinations, expertly demonstrated and explained. Perfect! Thank you Amy!

  9. Joe Shmoe says:

    Thanks for this. Seemed the logical way and now I know for sure without having to do the test myself.
    And yes, more controllers equal added efficiency. But, if you need to save money and don't have shading issues
    one may not even need the added expense of a MPPT over a PWM controller. Unless of course your system needs to run at maximum capacity.

  10. Mark Logsdon says:

    Very nice but useless demonstration. each of your solar panels by your statement was electrically two solar panels  wired in parallel in each panel. So you never showered just one panel, or just two panels in series. You showed two on one panel in parallel, then a combination series  parallel using two separate panels in series and each panel being two in parallel (Like 4 6-volt batteries wired together) then you showed two panels in parallel and each panel being in parallel so they would be 4 in parallel.

  11. xanataph says:

    Let me guess……ummm parallel? 😉 Now better watch to the end…. lol

  12. Hi , thank you for all useful videos .
    I have a small system of street light. I asked this question from another gentleman in youtube . He explained it to me and spent some time on it ( thank to him for his time ), but after I watched your lecture I got confuse . can you please take a look on this problem ?

    I have a :
    100 W LED
    runs 8 hours per nights
    3.2 hours sun a day
    3 days autonomy
    12 volts battery
    discharge limit of battery 75%
    temperature( min -7' c) and (max +37' c)
    what size battery do I need ?
    what size module do I need ?

  13. 72fr250 says:

    I wish you would have used regular 36 cell panels. These 72 cell panels have the other half of the panel in parallel and makes the power drop less dramatic. It was still a great demo though.

  14. Mark Job says:

    What is the highest wattage rated single, individual solar panel and do you sell it ?


  16. i.e. don't have shade on you panels as not worth investment!

  17. Crazy Dogs says:

    What type of charge controller are you using in this video that has a digital display output?

  18. After many reasearch, this was the most practical and informative video I have watched about shading effects on both sistems, congratulations good job…

  19. Ed Aus says:

    brillant. so I have 1x200w 12v panel facing East, and a 40amp MPPT controller. was thinking of a adding a WEST facing 200W panel. So using your shading example and using only the one MPPT, seems going parallel is the way to go, to get that bit extra out of them. thank you.

  20. Bill Yates says:

    How about when both panels are shaded by clouds, is there any advantage to parallel or series wiring?

  21. how does shading effect performance of 2, 3, 4 bus bar panels, wires that wire cells together in the panel it's self?
    Does it make better sense to use the Hotpoint panels in parallel for a 24 v system in a less than ideal sunny location vs buying one $3oo+ panel to have three or four bus bars?

  22. Great video,Pro explanation !

  23. Sun Shine says:

    Excellent presentation. Thank you!

  24. You mentioned connecting each panel to its own, separate, charge controller. Would one then connect those, in parallel, to a single battery bank? How do they coordinate charge current so the batteries don't get over charged?

  25. Maxid1 says:

    I'm wondering if there's any direction in making charge CO trolleys smaller. If I had a controller that was half the size of what I have now I could dedicate a controller per panel. As it is now it would be very difficult to alter the system I have at all because of size restrictions(it's in an RV). For shading purposes it would be very advantageous to isolate individual panels.

  26. Hi Amy, nice video, can you illustrate the wiring of the mutli meters (into the charge controller, and the out of the out from the ct, thanks

  27. vpicaver says:

    Do these panels have bypass diodes? From the specs it doesn't look like they do. How do bypass diodes effect shading scenario?

  28. steve hurst says:

    does it matter if we did the same exact test and shading scenarios using mono panels?

  29. ronak shah says:

    Love you guys, great fan of your videos, but that crazy nodding fan seems doesnt like the heat, take him inside….

  30. Jakob Hovman says:

    Hello hello Amy and AltE…I really apreciate your "Hands On" series on top of your theoretical series…!  Learning a lot.    I have an old Japanese saying I use: "Function over Form".    I believe you know this, but, just to be sure:  In the beginning of this video, you mention the individual solar cells of 0,5V being connected in series, to obtain 18V.    Pointing out the series along the top and showing it again in the diagram, is not a correct electrical "Series":  The cells have a negative pad on the top and a positive pad on the bottom side.  They are wired in series: From one Top(neg) to the next Bottom(plus), to ad up the voltages.   PS:  I know this video is: How to Wire Panels and I am murking around down in the machine room.   Anyway…Spring Greetings to all from Denmark…Jakob

  31. So in a case like this would it be ok to connect the panels to separate charge controllers and connect each charge controller to the same battery?

  32. David N says:

    are there bypass diodes in the junction box of the panel?

  33. Ralph Folden says:

    I love watching your demos. They certainly make sense. I hope I can retain the info when I start building my own system. Cheers!

  34. Luke Du says:

    Would it be feasible have a micro charge controller per cell? would that increase the performance o the whole panel even if it was partly shaded? what would be the cost implications for a panel with 72 cells?

  35. Excellent videos Amy! You're like a "MythBuster" for the solar community… Keep up the good work!

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