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How to wire a solar watt meter

To measure the power going into your battery from your {solar lights}(s), put the battery on the load side and the {solar lights}/controller on the source. To measure the …


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25 Comments on "How to wire a solar watt meter"

  1. Willow Silos says:

    can i put it the other way around? i want to measure how much power it is going in from charge controller to the battery. Well I guess what I want to do is, how much power I have generated for that day. My charge controller doesn't show my that.. It only shows how much power is being generated, volt and amps. Let me know of other option on how I can do that.

  2. Escape3000 says:

    ok, how to wire this watt meter to see the amps and volts produce by the solar panel…..

    need your help.

  3. ottoswinebar says:

    Good Job mate. Helped me a lot.
    I like the organic feel of your videos.
    Keep them coming.

  4. you will burn a meter up connecting the source to the battery like you said the load is the battery

  5. dharlomee says:

    nice work,but try again without the maddening grinding metal ,in the backround,thank you!

  6. lmorrison17 says:

    I REALLY like that set of helping hands you have there! HEAVY DUTY

    I forget to put the shrink tube on first about 30% of the time.

  7. Lester A says:

    Hi thanks for the tutorial. But I'm a little confuse. Did you place the wattmeter wire into the charge controller battery section? So the wattmeter wire and battery wire for charging is in the same place which is in the battery section of charge controller. Thanks… or the wattmeter itself will be used to charge your battery and at the same time measure the load of the battery? Thanks…

  8. thank you so much this was really helpful

  9. For some reason on mine, the red wire is negative and the black live. Must have been having a bad day when they assembled it !

  10. jackbox says:

    I'm lost. That meter is wired incorrectly surely. The 'source' should be charge controller and 'load' should be battery. If measuring watts of the load on battery, 'source' would be battery and load would be item you connect to battery such as motor, light etc. ie 'source' is in and 'load' is out.

  11. j 6815 J says:

    why there rooster around ? what country u in ?

  12. this meter freezes with low voltage of the dawn.

  13. DrBill says:

    There is a way to do a 3 wire connection on the meter. If you cut the red wire on the source side you can run measurements through the negative load side through the shunt of the meter. I put one on my solar panel to measure everything that comes out of the panes to the battery and another on the load side of my solar system to measure how much electricity gets used. This way I can tell how long it will be to recharge the battery bank. Try Google 'WattsUp Wiring' where you will find several different wiring schematics.

  14. Boki Mne says:

    Great man!! As always we can lear a lot from your videos! Big thanks!!

  15. L Madama says:

    This question was probably already answered but where on the charge controller does that meter get connected to? The controller I have looks similar but has terminals for the panel, battery and load only.

  16. mamamia13 says:

    Can I connect the meter directly to the solar panel? I need to monitor the amount of power it produces in one hour, is there something that could monitor that?

  17. How much and where did you get your watt meter? :)

  18. Ben Howes says:

    Phil, how would you use two meters (wired in opposite) to give you solar power in, as well as load out? One meter between panel/battery and one battery/load? Cheers

  19. You have given an excelent explanation here! Thank you very much! Very usefull.

  20. Great video and so very clear and helpful…Thank You!

  21. sephuk says:

    hi, great video, its helped me a lot putting together my 12v lighting in my garage. I have a question, if I had 2 watt meters would it be possible to go from the charge control into meter1 to read panel info then into meter2 to read how much power is being used then into the battery?

  22. shella davis says:

    thank you sooo much for this

  23. you are only showing what is going out of battery and not what is been put into the battery these units only work one direction

  24. Hi Phil; You failed to explain what contacts on YOUR CC you connected to. What are they labeled as? i.e.: are they called output meter connections? I ask this because the only other contacts on my CC are for overcharge dump. Is that what they are on yours?

  25. Btw Phil, what's the maximum Ah from the battery can this handle? PLan on connecting my load side directly to the batteries.

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