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How to repair portable generator part 1 of 3

Hi, Guys today i am going to show you how to make portable generator Engine REPAIR.This is a basic how to on troubleshooting the carburetor on a harbor …


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44 Comments on "How to repair portable generator part 1 of 3"

  1. thats all you did you just showed us.

  2. John Doe says:

    the music sucks

  3. One tiger generators is do not the hihg res (x l reter) speed

  4. MAKEYder says:

    Hello how are you all please help me in the scheme of the generator's electrical system that show by sierto very good video from venezuela

  5. Hi. Nice job! I'm asking muy self if it's possible to use thise kind of generators as a windmill generator? (To turn into using The generator in itself leaving The gasoline motor apart by adding three blades). What do you say? Thanks a Lot.

  6. JESINTH LOVE says:

    What is the ware super

  7. Edison Yee says:

    i have the same genset, i am having trouble to start it up i tried cleaning the carbs and adjusting air and gas jettings but to no avail. it is still wont start…. please give some advise Thank you!

  8. مبروك. ازواج

  9. anil kumar says:

    with out explanation we can't learn the things.plz some explanation ,thanking you good video we are expecting better than this u can

  10. Geno Garcia says:

    I want to know how to reset a generator remote start on a champion

  11. I really need some help my generator engine sounds terrible and doesn't produce power. It sounds like it is about to cut off and the RPMS are low. I also have to start it at half choke. Any ideas????

  12. Gave up after 1 minute with that shit music.

  13. Good Morning. Please, where do you download these songs?

  14. Dan Bywater says:

    tital is wronghow to tear down generator

  15. وقبي مره اخرا لازم يفك الملف الكهرباءي قبل المحرك

  16. قبي يومن فك الفالون في الدقيقه4:36يمكن يكسر الوشيعه داخل

  17. ali sheikh says:

    2.5 kva ka repair ka tariqa batao

  18. please, we want to hear your voice.Good work ,thanks

  19. Chad Chadman says:

    Well !……was there a little man inside operating it ?

  20. turn that fucking music off. it spoils the enjoyment of the video

  21. Could you please tell the rotor power connection?

  22. title should read, "how to annoy youre viewers with shit music"

  23. Me puedes decir si ese generador tiene un diodo o un capacitor en el rotor. Gracias.

  24. HennDoeSTL says:

    How do I remove a flywheel from a Powermate 208cc. It does not turn 360. What could be problem.

  25. mad-dog one says:

    it doesnt have magnet in the generator??

  26. Majid Shah says:

    i like your work

  27. Shehzad S says:

    Nice one.
    Can you tell me from where did you buy the portable generator?
    Please post a link.

  28. you skip the part where you remove the armature

  29. md heath says:

    Love the info ! I am looking to run a small ceramic heater, which has 2 settings – 700w (low) & 1500w (high) to heat a very small closet size area. Would you recommed this generator?

  30. want some explanation during this video. music during the process , can not learn anything. remove the music and talk all process

  31. Phiyedough says:

    I didn't see how you removed the rotor from its taper on the crankshaft. I'm just stripping a Clarke / Briggs & Stratton 3.5 HP generator and I'm stuck at that stage. The rotor looks easily damaged so perhaps I should strip the engine and pull the crankshaft off the rotor rather than the other way round?

  32. למה פירקת את כל זה ?

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