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How To Maximize Solar Panel Array Output

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I share how I maximized my output from my solar panel array. I show you the amazing power output of my solar panel array as I uncover each bank or series of panels contrasted with uncovering only part of a series. Understanding how to maximize the output of your solar array can make a huge difference in how much power you generate and can store.


– Trever Gerdes at Big Dog Solar: Cell 208-569-8777, Office: 800-291-SOLAR

– Going Off-Grid: Step-by-Step Video Series:


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42 Comments on "How To Maximize Solar Panel Array Output"

  1. Rd Hood says:

    Why not connect the series horizontally instead of vertically to compensate for low sun angles. At lest the top row would produce power. I'm giving Big Dog a call.

  2. PW says:

    That's VERY impressive.

  3. Just think what your array will produce (KW/Day) if they were tracking the sun…!

  4. Willem Budde says:

    Hi there, nice solar system you have, i bet you sell allot to the grid, because it's winter, in the summer, you prob gonna use allot of energy(A/C) running 24/7, ever thought to add "hybrid" package, like a bigger battery-bank, to store energy whatever you collect at daytime, when battery is fully charged, whatever leftover energy goes back to the grid…

    Are you also planning to add a 100ft wind turbine on your yard, like a 1.5KW( than the battery can be charged at any time day/night(when wind is available)..

  5. Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think

  6. useful video, thanks

  7. wiboater4 says:

    If you have a lot of snow you might want to hook up a tracking type system. You could have it set so that after sunset the panels are in a position where the snow wouldn't be able to cover them. Then at sunrise they would track back to the sun again. Trackers can be bought cheap on Ebay. You would have to build a movable rack system.

  8. that was in winter. now is the summer. what's the difference? can you make a new video? thanks

  9. Those cool temperatures are great for solar panels

  10. Nadeem Ahmed says:

    This is because of mono Blocked Panels. If you use multi Blocked Panels which have several internal arrays in one Solar panel then this won't happen. 

  11. The Deprey's says:

    im getting this setup i called the big dog..  lets see if he gets back to us.   we are in florida moving to sc   love the setup..

  12. kfkproducts says:

    thats why microinverters are so superior. each panel is independent and produces at its upmost

  13. Eddie Vu says:

    did you try to clean just two panels in series?

  14. butch kern says:

    i've followed you from the start. come a long way nice vid people don't understand how much shading and orientation effects performance great job! you will get many years of service from that system again nice job

  15. GREAT VIDEO! I just added solar to my RV CamperVan and am always interested in other solar projects! Thanks!

  16. 2020tesla says:

    can you do an update? how are things going since we are out of winter?

  17. Hey, Guys, Just want you to know We miss all your great videos!!!! Hoping all are well.
    If not let us know how to pray for you. Praying for you. 
    hope to see U soon…  Charlie

  18. PL C says:

    I am worried about you; long time no see, LDSPrepper!  I so enjoy your videos, and I've learned lots. We've had grid intertie solar for 12 years, but no battery storage.  We have time-of-use (TOU) metering, so we've not owed money at the annual 'true-up', but don't get paid because we use more off-peak electricity from the power company than what we send to them.  We pay about $55/year for the privilege of transmitting power to the company.  That's all.  I hope your geothermally conditioned greenhouses are working out well;  please come back online and update us!

  19. Bugga Stacey says:

    LDS Prepper, Where are you?  So thrilled to see you in your new place, but you dropped out of sight. I'm leaving So.Cal soon to set myself up closer to the earth like you do, but your videos stopped. Sure do miss your invaluable information! From an LDS beginning prepper, I wish you well!

  20. what an amazing set up!!!!!

  21. tom says:

    I wonder what happened. I hope everything is ok. A very long time with no updates.

  22. I miss your contributions. Hope you have time for some updates. Did the temp hold up in the green house? 

  23. Hi LDS,

    I'm starting a small home orchard. What is the formula that you use for the monthly tree fertilizing w your special preparation?
    Many thanks!

    PS Hope that you will return soon!

  24. Misty Prepper & LDS Prepper are both missing in action….Hmmm remind you of Atlas Shrugged?

  25. 3beltwesty says:

    Dumb question. Is the snow removed via broom, leaf blower, scraped with a magic gizmo? I wonder if done the wrong way if they might be damaged. Do they ice over thus more of a pain in the rump to clean them off?

  26. E Herman says:

    I am so happy for you. I just got my first 2 moncrystalline panels last month. I am buying piece by piece. This month I will be shopping for battery's. You have helped me allot to make the mono choice, I am in Missouri. And have been tracking sun use this winter. I have 1 solar heating panel temporary installed. But it has proven to be worth a permanent install. Best wishes to you. E :)

  27. tony falco says:

    Hello big fan from Canada haven't seen any new videos everything ok

  28. Where ya been? I'm missing your vids. 

  29. b34113411 says:

    how self sufficient are you now?
    do you need to still buy seeds/fertilizers/pesticides?
    can you totally rely food on the farm :/?
    can you have water on your own?

  30. davjan4 says:

    I saw this and thought of you… New way of keeping bees.

  31. wung her says:

    How much for a roof type solar panel?

  32. Mars Rover says:

    What's up, did the winter eat you up? LOL

  33. LDS Prepper…what's new?

  34. Kevin Olesik says:

    you should be using the Enphase Micro-Inverter system with a micro-inverter for each panel – then all of the panels are independent and so Shading on one panel won't affect the output of any other panels  – not your whole array … 

  35. Xenostars says:

    Hey LDSPrepper, did you consider Nickel Iron batteries for your PV system? I'd never heard about them before today, but I wondered if you considered using them and, if so, what your reasoning was for going with your Crown 430 deep cycles instead. Love your channel!

  36. JT777 says:

    Hi David fantastic video, the system looks great, not too sure if I like the snow ha ha. Hope you and the family had a good Christmas and New Year. Can’t wait to hear about the Geothermal  project when the weather clears up.
    All the best John 

  37. Dale Roth says:

    Was there a reason you put your system that distance from your house?  It seems if you would of put it closer to the house you could of saved money on running your cables that distance.

  38. That is a fantastic output for where you are in the winter. Just imagine when it is summer and you have a lot more daylight hours.

  39. Jared Taylor says:

    More videos please!!

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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    Wind Turbine Power

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again


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