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How to make Solar Mobile charger II very simple II

Hi ,in this video I am going to show How to make {solar lights} Mobile charger. This is a small project for emergency or camping. The materials I used – 5 volt 1w {solar lights}


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28 Comments on "How to make Solar Mobile charger II very simple II"

  1. Diallo Banks says:

    What's this song? The first one?

  2. amaan shaikh says:

    how to get this solar much price is it

  3. Where do you get the wires

  4. Diya Rathore says:

    Nice video it is very helpful thank u

  5. How long till full charge

  6. PANKAJ BAJAJ says:

    treeleaf powered bio mobiles

  7. PANKAJ BAJAJ says:

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  8. PANKAJ BAJAJ says:

    To produce ancient live humans

  9. PANKAJ BAJAJ says:

    Direct solar rays can now impregnate women

  10. PANKAJ BAJAJ says:

    Reliance solar power plant to power Jamnagar refinery

  11. PANKAJ BAJAJ says:

    Free solar voltaic power cells

  12. PANKAJ BAJAJ says:

    these can also charge solar panels.

  13. PANKAJ BAJAJ says:

    inverted space telescopes to eliminate anything on earth including fortified camps

  14. PANKAJ BAJAJ says:

    satellite based solar igloo eliminate with night operation battery

  15. I've decided to use this for my school's competition, but I the end ill add a last step: decorating the wired part of the solar panel

  16. Is this a completely solar-powered video? Cause in searching for one for my school's conpetition in DIY stuff

  17. Great work, bro! 😀

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