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How to Make a Free Energy Solar Cell – Easy Way To

How to Make a Free Energy {solar lights} Cell. Free energy 100%, Real {solar lights} cell 100% . make your own {solar lights} cell at home.


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20 Comments on "How to Make a Free Energy Solar Cell – Easy Way To"

  1. Arman Khan says:

    Jo part time job karna chaita ho ghar par he apna shmat phone sa WhatsApp number 8381885749

  2. MrTABUNKA says:

    Good grief if you are going to sling the BS around for click bait you could have done a better job of it. Any first year EE student can clearly see it is a dead short circuit.

  3. ROLLIN says:

    minty fresh solar air freshener

  4. black calour ka kiya ha?

  5. Shubham Pal says:

    green colour ka paint sa kya he please reply karo

  6. Corey Scott says:

    1atbif all you didn't tell us what the black green liquid was. 2nd there are easier ones to make not using any chemicals just using CD copper wire that can make 3+ volts.

  7. Lol it seems like he's trying copy American Tech even with the music.

  8. Rigardo Law says:

    There are no free energy .This is fake

  9. Why make video if no explanation? Fake

  10. ajay Yadaw says:

    this in neither cell nor soller cell ,completely fack .

  11. That's a battery you built. Not solar power.

  12. Ms Rana says:

    can it charge the 6volt 4.5ah sealed acid battery

  13. Offer Wala says:

    Bhai Black colour ka solution kya hai.. Kis se bna hai btao..

  14. rusty golden says:

    some questions ,, what are the parts , and how much output can this do .. i have a full stack of CD's and this could be a fun project to build

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