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How to Make a Free Energy Emergency Mobile Phone Charger

How to charge your phone Portable charger.Free Energy and make a {solar lights} Generator to charge your Mobile Phone.


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33 Comments on "How to Make a Free Energy Emergency Mobile Phone Charger"

  1. G Ashok says:

    What is that ittems??

  2. paras Kumar says:

    madar ullu ban a ahaa hai

  3. You can use inplix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  4. Sapan Tipnis says:

    Asshole y post such fake videos….

  5. Arnab Biswas says:

    Fake bcz it cant never be happened with a copper foil . If it happens thn we dont need any power to charge and thn use it😂

  6. Aviraj Koli says:

    Good, accessories kampni nem no send WhatsApp no 7744993593

  7. Its fake dont try this waste of time

  8. It's work for me…And I can charge my mobile 10 time in ten minute!!!LOL

  9. I made it myself. Just go to inplix webpage if you'd like do the same

  10. covfefe says:

    It boggles the mind that this crap gets upvotes.

  11. Ahmed Ali says:

    Total fake and fraud

  12. Ahmed Ali says:

    Is video men music dala zaruri tha kia?

  13. اجيبها منين النحاس ده

  14. Ye hamare India ke Sabse bade Bevkopha Hai

  15. haroon ahmed says:

    Vedio quality is fucked up

  16. Veer Pagare says:

    जो आप ताबे कि पत्ती यूज करते हो वह मारकेट मे मिल जाऐगी न

  17. What is black and white

  18. Revu Kumar says:

    What a raghi avvunna

  19. Ritik Gulia says:

    name the things to make it plz

  20. es tan asi? funciona realmente?

  21. Is good
    I go to test it 🙄😜

  22. Gabor Veress says:

    what neilon was up?

  23. Its not working in my phone.

  24. Harish Kumar says:

    solar bans he too kis chij ka es malkare

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