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How to Install Solar Panels Using Unistrut

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Hello YouTuber’s in this How To video I show you how to use uni-strut to mount your solar panels.

As you watch the video you see what I have used to lock the panels down and how I had them attached before. now you can also use the end clamps and mid clamps that you can buy with the Uni-rack systems. and still just the spring nuts and 1/4 bolts. I will later upgrade to those due to the fact that will make for a much cleaner install. washers work fine when panels are of the same height and size but on the ends and were solar panels are of different thickness it don’t work to well. What I have done you don’t to see it in the video on the ends were the panels start were the washer was tilted. I went and got a piece of Aluminum stock the same thickness as the solar panel and that fixed the end problem. as for the thinner panels I just put a small piece of metal to bring those panels up to the same height and it all worked out fine using just rubber and steal washers. so in the end it all worked out.

Also in this video there is a link to Missouri Wind and Solar Video were they install 920 watts of solar panels and hook them to a Solar/wind hybrid Grid Tie system. In this video he used the Uni-rack system, and all mounting hardware. Defiantly a clean install. Thanks Jeff for sharing your video. Here is a link to that video if you chose to watch it.

I also have a give a way going on it ends on April 10th winners will be notified that day and video up loaded on winners on the 11th. so click link for your chance to wind one of two Tachometers

Thanks for watching YouTube.
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28 Comments on "How to Install Solar Panels Using Unistrut"

  1. Morwic says:

    nice vod sir

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  3. you can do it yourself ,just go to inplix page and learn how to make it.

  4. If you want to make it too just use InpliX handbooks.

  5. You Can Do This, All You Gotta Do Is Get Up And Do It Its True!!!

  6. This is what we use in HVAC and is what I will use on my solar system and I will upload a video on it

  7. You can go to Inplix website if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

  8. I can make it myself. Just got instructions from InpliX website and I'm ready for do it :D

  9. I bought instruction from inplix and I build it very very cheap

  10. Joe Schmgege says:

    I work for a solar racking company and I applaud your DIY-ness. But I must comment on a some things.
    1) Ground those panels! Get the installation instructions for the panel you are using to find out what they accept for grounding. Most will approve a simple bolt/star washer/nut combo.
    2) Mind the Gap! Again, get the approved gap between panels from the panel installation instructions. Many require more than the 1/4" or so you have applied.
    3) End Clamps – If you are going to use the top down clamping method to attach the panels to the racking, definitely do not use a cantilevered bolt washer combination. Use something like this:
    4) Rubber washers – Do not use rubber washers between the steel washers and aluminum panel frames. The rubber will set and/or deteriorate over time and lose your clamping force. Just go steel washer to aluminum frame directly. No need to worry about dissimilar metals as the surface area is too small to make a difference.
    5) Span between posts – 15' between posts for those small section unistrut rails seems waaaay too long. We use large 4" sections for our system and the max they can go is 16' so I highly doubt 15' on the little unistrut channel will stand the test of time.
    6) Splice Joint placement – I know it may be easy to just place it in the middle of the posts, but this is the absolute worst place to put them. Try to get them as close to a post if at all possible.
    7) You mention in the comments you plan to pour a concrete foundation to bolt the array to. Please make sure to dig a foundation deeper than the local frost line (4' in most cases). This will prevent frost movement of the foundations, which would cause stress on the racking and panels and potentially destroy the functionality of the solar cells (panels are fragile things).
    Sorry to be a downer, but the devil is in the details and is the reason I definitely recommend purchasing an professionally engineered system.

  11. Mr. C says:

    Love your idea for a water tight "combiner box". A few "Zip Ties" will be all that is needed to neaten things up, good work

  12. your junction box idea is genius.  very heavy duty!

  13. What are those metal rails made of?  Do they rust ?

  14. ariel marin says:

    Cool video my friend . From texas

  15. Hi, nice video. we do manufacture these stuff in India.

  16. Looks Good.  I also used Unistrut on my system.  How did you mount it at an angle? 

  17. Stan Last says:

    Lookin good!!!…keep up the good work!!

  18. grounding was my next question. Much thanks.

  19. how do you keep it from blowing away?

  20. Hi I would like to put this together next year, where can I get supplies? what kind of costs am I looking at?  Also, will be doing on my own. Much Thanks Roxanne

  21. fnhp351 says:

    Well done sir. I will be installing my system like this. Thanks for your example.

  22. TheKilog69 says:

    Nice ! I have also done that both ways the way u do it now is easy & faster, doing stuff alone U can be quite inventive making spare hands, I use my engine crane for stuff U would not  believe. If U bought all solar Product stuff U go broke quick .Nice job.

  23. James West says:

    I mounted mine thru the holes on the back of the panel like you did first. I cut some 1.5" x 3" x 3/16" aluminum pieces to enforce the thin aluminum on the panel frame. If the Unistrut was attached to a roof there would be no wiggle or movement in the setup. But with a ground mount there will always be some movement in the wind. The panels could walk out from under them bolts….rubber washer or not. Also security wise it would take a whole lot longer to unbolt each panel. This is America 2014….there are no good safe areas anymore ALWAYS think security.

  24. I love the info pop up that says hot dipped if your going to use it outside… I use my solar panels in side all the time haha just busting your balls.. that is a great setup… NICE JOB!!! thanks for the video.. thumbs up… do you have that anchored to the ground? if not, it is a good Idea to. a good storm could flip that …

  25. john otoole says:

    you must not have snow, this year we have had three feet hanging around, which would bury the bottom half of the panels.

  26. yea I know what you mean having to do every thing your self. you learn to use what ever you have handy to help

  27. john otoole says:

    I've thought about using those rails too. I would think a flat bar stock instead of washer would work better too. Jeff used to sell this setup years ago before he started selling the rails. The other thing is to insure that the panel frames are all ground to earth.
    Btw, I got an message from Amazon on a panel deal with free shipping.
    2pcs 100 W Watt 100W Solar Panels UL Listed Off Grid 12 Volt 12V RV Boat Marine
    by Renogy

    thanks for sharing

  28. ian57812 says:

    Yea there is never a spare set of hands when you need them. Thanks for lesson. Oh yes you ever worried about them getting stolen at ground level?

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