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How to Install Solar Panel System on a Boat – Grey Ghost Sailing

In this video i show you how i installed my {solar lights} and how they tie into the charge controller then the Batteries. Link to continental batteries i use the T- 105 …


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13 Comments on "How to Install Solar Panel System on a Boat – Grey Ghost Sailing"

  1. Vine Len says:

    Not crazy about the wiring but to answer the question re: shore power, it's great when at the marina but you can't take the marina with you. Sailors like to anchor out when cruising and do not have access to electricity to recharge our batteries. The alternative, without solar or a wind generator, is to run the engine. That's not good for the engine, your fuel consumption or the environment. So, install solar to keep the batteries charged, your fridge running, your lights on and whatever else you might want to power. It's free once you've paid for the panels and you will recoup that money by not paying for a slip with the usual $20/day electrical fee.

  2. Just use InpliX instructions. you will make it. its so easy

  3. great to see that… I made it too. Using inplix handbooks 🙂

  4. UK McC says:

    I hope you have good insurance, with your wiring its only a matter of time before catch fire. I'm glad I 'm not in your marina.

  5. DIY Boats says:

    Score on the boat! I don't understand why you're doing solar panels at this point of the project. Don't you have shore power at your Marina?

  6. THAT WIRING ? and you are giving a how to !

  7. James Baxter says:

    You can get all the solar Equ from……Made in the USA

  8. Good Luck my friend..! It will be a nice boat project. I had Coronado 25 also same way and work very hard on it to get it in good shape..Awaiting new video..! jeje

  9. Man..! Your boat look kind of messy…wires avery way and to much cable into the battery, instal a rule..!!

  10. How would this work with 4 x 12 volt batteries in parallel?

  11. Mr. Ski says:

    I know you mean well but your wiring if not taken care of will lead into a fire. Please convert to a bus bar and put in some surge circuits (breakers or fuses). It will save your life and your boat…..please, please.

  12. Nice details Matt. I have awhile before I address this issue. I think technology will change. Nice software changes, sound perfect and cards at the end nice touch.

  13. Good info, glad to see things are going well.

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