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How To Install Harbor Freight Solar Panels Part 3

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Fourteen Harbor Freight individual solar panels from their 45 Watt kits. They are mounted on 2×4 frames with seven panels each giving 210 Watts of power for all fourteen. In the next couple of weeks we’ll install the other 14 panels for a total of 420 Watts, which combined with the previous 1,600 of solar gives me 2Kw of solar power. I also have 2Kw of wind power which I’m going to raise the tower to a total of 100 to 150 feet depending on cost. I expect the added height should produce 1Kw constant if not more.


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49 Comments on "How To Install Harbor Freight Solar Panels Part 3"

  1. econewpower says:

    The federal government had a deal that ran until last year that you could claim up to 30% of the investment as a tax exemption, additional some cities and power companies have more incentives available to help you pay for it.

  2. econewpower says:

    The federal government had a tax exception that ran until last year that you could claim up to 30% of the investment as a tax exemption, additionally, some cities and power companies have more incentives available to help you pay for it.

  3. George says:

    can u possibly give a detail of you wall panel inside your shed? breakers, dump load, etc.. what exactly is there and how is it wired?

  4. David Shores says:

    Mr Al…question…you mention a T240 transformer so you can run your well…I need to be able to run mine also…what exactly is that transformer or better yet where can I get one…? Thanks so much for these awesome videos!

  5. 847MicRoss says:

    Correct me if im wrong but would it have been cheaper to buy a bigger panel rather then a bunch of small harbor frieght ones.

  6. John Oquist says:

    it usually gets windy when clouds cover the sun, good idea using wind generators with the solar.

  7. meatdogg101 says:

    can someone tell me if i have 10 Harbor freight solar panels,what do i need to hook tem work for as connecting them the Harbor Freight connector only have a 3 prong splitter..Thks in advance

  8. Glenn Hough says:

    Nice video..You can also hire someone to do the whole set-up for you. If you're really serious you could look around, do some research and call some companies for quotes on materials and/or labor.

  9. waldan1701 says:

    I live in the Texas Panhandle and we get lots of hail here. If you are in Texas you may as well. The thing I have noticed with the Harbor Freight panels is they have glass not plexi covering the cells. not sure if yours do or not. If they do how do you plan to protect them from hail damage?We loose a lot of sky lights here in the panhandle and lots of home owners use a type of grill mesh covering over their skylights. This might cut light penetration but would protect the panels. 

  10. econewpower says:

    All of my solar panels (including the Sharp and DuPont panels) are covered with glass. I don't know of any brand of solar panels that are covered with plexy as that will deteriorate over the years and turn opaque yellow. I don't have any protection on them, the glass is tempered like the glass on a car and it is angled so it will deflect a lot of the impact force. I have never lost a panel to hail nor know of anyone that has- so I'm not going to worry about it..

  11. econewpower says:

    They are treated, it yellawood 2x4s

  12. BRKONTHRU2 says:

    i was goona say ,,all that work they had to be treated ,,w/something ,,dont know wht yellawood is???dont hv it in these parts,,just typical,,pres treated,,o wld like to lay my panels flat like that ,,i hv low pitch roof too,,so im wondering how am i gonna keep the snow off,6inch of light snow prob ok but we get rain on top of the snow too,,damn good insulation,,but,,,wld bend that glass poss break?i dont get enough sun f/30 deg,also is it cheaper f/1 or2 panels f/200 watts as oppose to the 14

  13. econewpower says:

    Google yellawood, it is pressure treated pine, it just doesn't look green, it looks like pine. I would go with fewer higher capacity panels which are lower cost and easier to install.

  14. econewpower says:

    you would need to buy a charge controller rated for at at least 150 watts which is how much ten of those panels can put out. Your best bet is to get your panels elsewhere, get a single 200 watt panel for a much lower price per watt and a charge controller for it. The nice thing about the HF kits is just that it is a kit and it will all work together and is therefore a good way to learn.

  15. BRKONTHRU2 says:


  16. econewpower says:

    Yes, go to sunelect(dot)com and shop around, they got great prices on large wattage panels plus they have everything else you need as well.

  17. Get some decent solar panels, and use a solar grid tie inverter, Eliminates the need for battery's and charge controller. I just bought a 500w wind grid tie inverter for $170. ebay. Solar are even cheaper.

  18. Mark Cam says:

    I see your set up was done 3 years ago Do the HF solar cells still function well 3 years later ? Im looking to build a system soon, but Im still not sure where to buy the kit from..

  19. Great job good to see another out there look at ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM hundreds of members at this web site ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM to the end

  20. Regarding how high you are considering to raise your tower you may want to consider installing some sort of lighting system in case low flying planes happen by, they won't take out your tower. Some lights mid way up might not be a bad idea either… Great system btw, as I am very new to Solar I am still in research mode but I have been doing construction for over 3 decades… 

  21. econewpower says:

    Thanks but they have been lowered already, lights are only required if the tower exceeds 200 feet.

  22. WB IsMe says:

    Voltage drop is really a bitch. 

  23. SwiftSwamp says:

    My question is , are solar panels worth buying? Would I be able to run an ac , computer and a few other things that are really small wattage all the time off solar panels if I had enough? If so , how many would I need (using the ones you got ) I've found kits for around $300 or so per kit. 

  24. meatdogg101 says:

    thk u i'm just getting into solar and tryin to adjust to the in and outs before i upgrade to a larger scale setup.i really appreciate your response and advice..

  25. econewpower says:

    They are definitely worth buying now, 3-4 years ago when I started panels were about 2 dollars to 4 dollars per watt, now they are about 68 cents to one dollar per watt. So it is very easy to get all the power you need for very little.

  26. econewpower says:

    Thank you for the comment brother, God bless you and keep you safe in His protection.

  27. alan broder says:

    The batteries cost as much as the soar panels. Where can I buy batteries cheap? thanks, alan

  28. gforcefoamy says:

    how will they do in a hail storm i wonder? i live in iowa we get a few per year.

  29. paul102260 says:

    Great series Thanks so much for your info Very helpful 

  30. You deserve God's glory just by doubting that you deserve his glory.

  31. econewpower says:

    Thank you brother!

  32. Glenn Hough says:

    this helped me a lot, thank you for sharing this video..

  33. N22Tango says:

    I installed three each of these 45 watt Harbor Freight panel kits, and I'm confused about why and how to use their solar charge controller. Can you look at my short video and give me some tips?

  34. N22Tango says:

    (Nice thing about being a Texan, that we get plenty of sun and lots of wind!)

  35. The higher the tower to more wind energy you'll create. Good job.

  36. Shaun Smith says:

    did some quick math – assuming about $150 per kit, thats just over $2 per watt. The HF panels are not the best quality (as usual). High-grade solar panels can be bought wholesale for about $1 per watt – more power output and longer lasting. 

  37. Glenn Hough says:

    For new users of solar this is a great video to help them in their self instalation for solar panel..

  38. The "DEAl" on a Federal government rebate is still around! 30% rebate plus in Arizona the local power company kicks in another $1000 if the system meets requirements. Like others, I don't understand why you would waste money on HF panels? Nice video though.

  39. jorge m says:

    Hi. Nice work. I realy want to do some like that to run just my a/c unit, how many solar panels you think i need? And is all the chargers and all that stuf the you have scrued to the playwood coming with the panels from harbor? Thanks. Can you wolkme thrue the prosess of how to doit and what i need?,thanks in advance

  40. Lisa S says:

    omg most annoying…its like listening to rainman. Why would you even mention some dumb funeral

  41. Very impressive. Thank you sir for your expertise it is very helpful!  Sorry for your loss after saying you had a funeral.  Please forgive ignorant people like Lisa S apparently she hasn't lost a loved one or someone she cared about. It is your video and you can say anything you want. God Bless you and yours

  42. MISFITSWITCH says:

    So you have 24 batteries at $150 a piece that may last 3 years. $3600 so over 20 years that is $18,000 Then your panels will be dead in 18-20 years and you start over. This is saving you money? In the real world that is about $1200-1500 a year in maintenance. People do not understand its better to stay on the grid and pump power back into it during the day. Then use the power lines at night. (no batteries)

  43. nick butter says:

    I know im way late but im loving this tutorial series and i like your humble speech at the end of this segment.

  44. ron guin says:

    I'm learning a lot from your videos, I'm grateful you've taking the time to make the videos so we can learn from your experience. I'm sorry for your loss and appreciate the fact you give honor to Jesus in your videos. I pray Gods richest blessings on you and your family brother! Keep the videos coming we're all taking notes!

  45. Karyl Debolt says:

    If you want to make it too just use InpliX handbooks.

  46. Gary K says:

    I also live in Texas and haven't invested in solar because of the hail problem. Every year or so we get hail that totally ruins roofs– I can imagine what it would do to a roof covered in solar panels!

  47. My works too. I used Inplix handbooks and build it without any problems.

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