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How To Install a Flexible Solar Panel on an RV

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Through trial and error I’ve found the best way to install flexible solar panels on my RV roof? Watch me install two new 100 watt monocrystalline solar panels and …


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43 Comments on "How To Install a Flexible Solar Panel on an RV"

  1. Check InpliX handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

  2. john cook says:

    actually the number one question is price.

  3. great to see that… I made it too. Using inplix handbooks :)

  4. One nice thing about having them flat down on your roof, is that there's no wind restriction… BUT I sure won't have drilled holes in my roof… They do make some double sided tape that hold very good. I've seen people install the other type of solar panels brackets to their roof of their Air Stream and they never have lost any panels yet… Also with the RV'S that we have owned in the past they really didn't have much support under the roof . They only had a 2X2 every 24" with a thin peace of Aluminum rolled out over the top… Yes we had very old RV's Our last motor home was a 1979 Winnebago… LOL… But it worked for as long as we needed it to and then sold it for more than we paid for it 5 years latter… :0)

  5. Jim Metzner says:

    Possible to easily remove the Eternabond tape from a fiberglass roof on an RV – or is it there eternally?

  6. ImStricken06 says:

    just use rtv around the hole to waterproof the screw-hole

  7. DEVLAD says:

    Tesla need a Powerwall you can slap on an RV and integrate with custom panel setups

  8. Thanks for clearing up the parallel/series issue. Could never get an exact answer.

  9. Shanta Hsieh says:

    I think you need to take some time and go to inplix website to learn how to make it.

  10. Labren Toews says:

    Hi Tito, just wondering if you have any information to share back with the flexible panels and also if they would work on a rubber roof RV…thanks

  11. 1) So what can you run with these or are they just for charging batteries?
    2) How did they work in winter after adding the additional panel vs. tilting?

  12. Back 4 More says:

    Thanks for showing the increased amp input. So about 10 amps for two 100w panels. Awesome!?

  13. Did you know you can build your own solar panels, saving $10,000’s off retail price? You have probably read about it or seen it on TV, but have you tried it yourself?

  14. Vern Bill says:

    Split-ring stop collars clamp around drill bits and hold securely in place. When tightened,
    they clamp over the complete diameter of the drill bit shaft without marring.
    Stop Collars allow you to set precise cutting depths on any countersink or drill bit with a corresponding diameter.
    Better then tape.

  15. Make a follow up video in a year or so, after the plastic has had a chance to warp and cause EACH cell to "cup" – thus seriously reducing output. Just the voice of experience. P.S. let's not forget how HOT they get when mounted DIRECTLY to any surface without a proper lift for cooling.
    Thanks for sharing…

  16. No venting underneath required? Helpful video! Subscribed.

  17. Also The Tape for AC Duck work very Strong and the Adhesive side wster tight. and it also has a. Aluminum reflection side to be used to back drop the rays back on the panel that would be something you would put up Separately.

  18. Tito. great video like your idea on what type of Panel. to cover the wires depending on the thickness you could use the plastic pvc cut in half and Square up the cables to give you access walking around for Maintenance. ?? Ft.Lauderdale Fl.☀

  19. BurnabyAlex says:

    For the cables, you can mechanically secure them using p-clamps because adhesive ziptie holders come of.

    For the dycor, or silicone, it helps to wet your spatula or fingertip with windex or soapy water so you can get a nice smooth bead. From your video, it looks like it self flattens nicely.

  20. click411 says:

    will the heat of the metal roof be hard on the panels

  21. These things are so small and light that one could carry 400 watts of power inside take them out into the sun when docking and have all the power they need. I have a 4x8x4 camper it is a run away I want the power but don't want to have to alter the economy of the ride.

  22. J.C. .Foutz says:

    Great video. I'm going to be putting some panels on my 1987 K5 Blazer for backup power in a bugout/camping situation.

  23. elias wolf says:

    using aluminium marine tape is the best. it's strong and you don't need to make any holes.

  24. Leo Madatian says:


  25. Art Romano says:

    dude did you see the windmill behind 2:07 turning like a clock so weird

  26. Thanks Good video

  27. Rob Dalton says:

    Tito – still really happy with these HQST panels? I've read that the Suaoki's have bypass diodes where the HQST do not. Has that been an issue for you at all? Thanks for the videos!

  28. Rob Dalton says:

    Has anyone used 3M Lock Reclosable fastener? We use them in the NE to keep the toll road module adhered to the windshield.

  29. Erin Vasquez says:

    Thanks for all the info very helpful !!!

  30. ReviewsByBG says:

    Hey, just a friendly heads up. I found the exact same panel for less than half the price on Aliexpress just $1.20 per watt. Gotta love direct from the manufacturer!

  31. Enjoy watching your DIY videos. Keep it up and be safe out there.

  32. Suggestions: More panels ;o) I would be tempted to cover every inch of the roof with panels… Nice job and thanks for sharing!

  33. brdprey1 says:

    since it has not frame. does it flap. i would think you should have shimmed the areas not supported by butyl tape. like a full run of butyl? balsa frame, cross faming? so how does it act in wind when driving.

  34. brdprey1 says:

    lol, i loved the one fail after another then you show the rain. made me laugh.
    i thought i was the only one that happened too.

  35. Waleed Gamal says:

    very nice solar system

  36. Use 3M VHB 4930 tape. It holds 180 lbs per square inch. That stuff is so strong you need a pry bar to get it off!

  37. I might have just used weatherized tape, around the edges…but 24 v, if you shade just one panel, you shutdown all the panels…

  38. sir which type of panels will be suitable for installing on the roof of e rikshaw …a flexible one or a rigid ….consider cost as well as efficiency..PLEASE REPLY SOON

  39. BIG JOE 245 says:

    oops should have watched video first what about making them portable on the ground instead of permanent.?

  40. BIG JOE 245 says:

    Do you think they will do as well as ridged solar panels?

  41. Anyone try using silicone or foam tape so don't have to use the screws?

  42. Curious if you have a propane fridge and if so whether you leave the propane ON while you are driving down the road?

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