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How to: Industrial Craft 2: Geothermal Generator, Solar Panel, Windmill, Watermill, Wiring

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45 Comments on "How to: Industrial Craft 2: Geothermal Generator, Solar Panel, Windmill, Watermill, Wiring"

  1. didnt understand a thing you said

  2. Galitan says:

    Yeah that was the one thing i wanted to learn how to use and he didn't even try to explain it well. The way he showed off windmills is like if he complained that a watermill doesn't output power when there's no water in it…

  3. verdigo1 says:

    I have to disagree with your dismissal of wind power. I made a video a while back detailing why I think wind is really good…. even with the ludicrous height requirements.

  4. One detail on the water mill, you get 3x3x3-occupied blocks energy, or 27-1 for a sole generator with a battery and 27-2 for one with a cable. Still sucks though.

  5. Jouri R says:

    I feel retarded, this will take me months. But yeah it's only day 1 of tekkit.

  6. alex smith says:

    "lets face it the nuclear reactor is COMPLICATED" yeah i spent over 6 hours with one of my friends just making the reactor itself without any cells to put inside

  7. yeti sunny says:

    3:40 is he so retarted that he doenst understand he just made a massive glass cube around the windmil i eman cmon is he so retarded ofcourse ur not getting power

  8. njdss4 says:

    I came here to find out about windmills. I made one and it wouldn't do anything even though I put it way up in the air with nothing around it. After hearing your opinion, I guess I should just scrap it.

  9. VxVRaZeVxV says:

    lol solar flower

  10. Coolfolder says:

    Excellent video and a great explanation.

  11. lolzomgz1337 says:

    What about Solar arrays? 😛

  12. Flamytygwa says:

    Well with the way tin cables work you don't need to make solar arrays any more, just arrange them any way you want, and hook them up to tin cables. As long the tin cabling is shorter than 40 blocks you won't see any energy loss at all!

  13. Lol DURRing the daytime @ 1:38

  14. Paul Hobby says:

    You explain it well but it still hurts my head.

  15. zekromk9 says:

    Delicious lava?

  16. krasniekhier says:

    habediebabediebOO IQ{WPA

  17. Willhunter14 says:

    Why would you surround a windmill with glass?

  18. isnt extreme voltage 2048 eu/t? Just sayin since my reactor produces 2030 and nothing blows up.

  19. kebman says:

    Durring = the sound of a door chime durring? Durrrrrring! 😀 Meanwhile: During. Otherwise, great vid as normal!

  20. why did u put the wind mill in the glass (stupid)

  21. Flamytygwa says:

    if you watch the video the glass is used to represent the area around the windmill that affects it if there's any thing in it, it was not intended to demonstrate the output because it depends on the biome, and a random wind number generated when the world is created, as well as the weather.

  22. you've just gained a like, favorite, and subscriber my friend!
    ( and a comment 😉 )

  23. MrA41644 says:

    Did I really guess it?

  24. LSD Kitten says:

    Sooo, no crafting recipies?

  25. jake pablo says:

    Sub my vid I sure and like ur

  26. nelkaya says:

    i tend to get confused with which modules use the various types of energy. Is there a quick way to use for references to avoid plugging wrong power sources into the various machines? (ie HV energy plugged into LV items)

  27. What is this "gold?" Do you mean budder?

  28. Saint Sesame says:

    Kinda sounds like this was done in Extranormal…

  29. Delicious,delicious,lava

  30. Exxer 2011 says:

    Well the creator of the mod made wind mills require space for a reason just like in real life.

  31. ok this is good and all but i dont see y you wouldnt put the link to craft giude in it

  32. Bull3tize says:

    ooh, if you dont know anything about making tutorials or how he makes tutorial, dont say anything..

  33. DayFutureHD says:


  34. Vortex Mania says:

    You are stupid try to think about it before saying anything he did because he wanted to show the space in which one the mill can take Eu's -,-

  35. The crafting for the geothermal generator dos not wok for me

  36. Cinderin says:

    I think then you are the perfect guy to help me at making à cool bace powered by water or solar power with build craft mod so call me at skpe and my user name is dragon Bibi

  37. mark doney says:

    i think that it is obvious that wind power needs wind, so surrounding it with blocks prevents the air flow, (someone tell me im right)

  38. Bill Marion says:

    Wind mill generates electricity from wind. 'Surrounds it in a cube of glass'

  39. Andy Privat says:

    Not bad Tutorial but you re wrong with the Energy Losses!
    The Energy transfered in packets.. like 32,128,512,2048

    If you have A Copper cable and 20 blocks you lose 4eu each packet!
    32 – 5 = 27 /32 = 84% transfer and 16% lose

    Gold lose at 20 blocks 8eu /packet BUT at 128eu/Packet
    128 – 8 = 120 / 128 = 93% transfer and only 7% lose

    Iron = 16 lose at 20 blocks
    2048 – 16 = 2032 / 2048 = 99,2%

    Try This Calculation with more Blocks…
    50 Blocks 68% transfer
    100 Blocks 37,5% Transfer

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