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How to get unlimited power after SHTF: Solar Generator

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29 Comments on "How to get unlimited power after SHTF: Solar Generator"

  1. Easy Johnny says:

    Thanks for the review. Two questions, can you please post a link where I can purchase the Faraday bags and will the Renogy 100W 12V solar panels work with this Kodiak?

  2. Goal zero has commandeered the "sponsored by" banner… too bad they can't compare ;D

  3. Nice video…!
    Looks like a great piece of equipment to have.
    You’ve got a new subscriber…!

  4. Great review! I was looking at the Goal Zero. Honestly IMO, for those of us who are dumb w/ tech gadgets (me especially) this option isn't too user-friendly. Think I'll stick w/ the old fashioned gas genny. Thanks for doing the comparison!

  5. I'm quite new to your channel but I'm absolutely addicted. Great information, presented in a real world way, and everything is great for the average person to do.

  6. Biggils says:

    You forgot the downside of only a 10 year shelf life! Gas unlimited !

  7. Jimmy Davis says:

    For rich people lol

  8. Why'd you go for the 50 watt panels instead of the cheaper 100 watt panels?

  9. jsholt123 says:

    so did you buy this out of your own pocket with not reimbursement from the company or was this product given to you to "test" out and post a video review of ?

  10. bong breaker says:

    Never Trust A Man In Flip Flops.

  11. Mark Kreuter says:

    Hold on, so you can hook up an additional battery to the kodiak, and use both the built in battery, and the external one?

  12. Bubba says:

    Stopped the video halfway through. This is reaking of an infomercial, did you buy this gear, or get it for free, or at a discount to do the video?

  13. Nice explanation . I like to know were I can find the solar panels you have. Thank you.

  14. Well obviously you didn't take Into account that either an emp or blast wave from nuclear detonation will destroy your solar panels lol idk about you but that's no unlimited. So what are you gonna do then? use a 12v power inverter and gell cell batteries. Jeeeez

  15. Will this be able to run my dialysis machine for more than 9 hr.???. I dont know if i shoud get a genorator or a solar thing like this???

  16. David Lopez says:

    I suspect in 10 years these will be everywhere and be super affordable as all technology gets over time. The interface definitely needs some work and an app would be great to easily see data at a glance when away from the unit.

  17. Love it ,need it in Puerto Rico

  18. heyyoudienow says:

    u could build one cheaper that than 300

  19. Laura Powers says:

    Well done explanation.

  20. Thankyou somuch for easy breakdown on the pannels and posting such good information

  21. Rob K says:

    Solar panels have little diode that only allows energy to flow one way. In the event of an will need to have extra diodes on hand in a steel box because your exposed solar panel will blow it's diodes. Damn those little electrical parts..!

  22. Paneh C says:

    Is there anything else i need besides this solar genorator and the panels?

  23. Paneh C says:

    Is this simple enough to st up for a person like me that has absolutly no knowledge of such things

  24. Ryan Rodd says:

    Love the video! What brand are those panels? They look sweet. Thanks

  25. Lionel Perez says:

    Thank You for your excellent presentation.

  26. Diebulfrog79 says:

    Great video, kid. Okay, for a portable or a back -up system. But not as good as full battery bank and inverter to power a bigger system. Work fine on a couple items or one big item for a set time period. Would like to see a battery bank video.

  27. Great review! Can the battery be easily replaced?

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