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How to get 120v AC out of a car alternator

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DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. This is just for entertainment and educational purposes only. In this video I’m just showing one way of getting 120v AC out of a car …


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38 Comments on "How to get 120v AC out of a car alternator"

  1. I'm amazed and impressed no fire started!

  2. y use a transfer no need for one

  3. Fun, not practical, but fun. With the efficiency of today's solar technology, a handy person, with a bit of knowledge can install a sustainable solar power source. I know, I know… Expensive, but if your smart, all you'll need to buy is the charge controller, inverter and panels. The biggest expense normally would be the batteries, even more if they are lithium. So, Go to a scrap dealer and look for totaled hybrid cars and buy the Li's from totaled cars. I have a vacation home I rigged up like this for less than $1000. Zero utility bill, and NO BLACKOUTS!!! Basically, I used the same method from my sailboat and upscaled it to match the demands of a small home. Either way, it's a fun video to watch, and I can feel his passion for this project.

  4. Russ B says:

    So why not just buy a generator and avoid all that mess, I'm sure the efficiency of a modern generator would run circles around that huge motor? Plus you won't kill yourself with a stray wire coming loose…..

  5. Jeff McCrea says:

    If all you're going to run is lights and brush motors like the one in the hair drier, you can forgo all that other crap and transformers and such and connect the field connections directly to 12 VDC then tap the +12 VDC output from the alternator and ground and vary the engine speed to achieve 100 VDC. I say 100 VDC because if you are running power tools on DC, you have to reduce the voltage somewhat to avoid overheating the motor's windings. You can run brush motors like 120 VAC electric power tools on DC. The fact that your alternator outputs 300Hz shows that it's kind of useless for AC induction motors and transformer operated items like electronics and battery chargers and such. If one were to continue to run your hair drier on 300Hz the motor would burn out. It didn't put out much heat because the frequency was wrong and the motor wasn't turning fast enough to blow the heat. AC motors are frequency dependent for speed control and voltage / current dependent for torque but this doesn't translate to higher frequency adding up to higher speed. When the stator in an AC induction motor spins, it needs the AC signal to be at +60 Volts, drop to zero and be at -60 Volts at perfectly timed intervals to keep it's speed constant. For example, Europe uses 240 volts for it's power grid. If you bring over a motorized piece of equipment and plug it into your electric stove outlet, it will run for a little while before it burns up because Europe runs on 50Hz where we run on 60Hz. Another example is if you were to bring back a plug in clock from Europe and plug it into your stove outlet, being that there is only a 20% difference in frequency, it would run 20% faster before it burned out. If you run a 60HZ induction motor on 300Hz, the AC signal would be so far out of phase that most of the power pulses that would normally be driving the motor would either be missed by the motor completely or possibly work against the motor by having the negative pulse hitting the segment of the stator that requires a positive pulse and vice versa and slowing the motor down or even making it run backwards. Not to mention that the pulses would be of too short a duration to drive the motor at it's full potential. The way the motor windings are wound are different for different frequencies. During World War II, there were motors in the bombers that had machine gun turrets that required 400Hz for smooth, fast operation. These planes had 400Hz alternators on their engines just to run these motors. After the war, the government dumped a bunch of these parts on the surplus market for a song. People were buying them up like hotcakes but found that they were useless without the alternators or an engine to drive them.

  6. Chad Yelland says:

    What can't you use the alternators own dc output for the field circuit rather then another battery or source?

  7. greg larsen says:

    You could of made a 3 phase to single phase transformer

  8. Jones Madi says:

    what's up with the knife dude? it like you want to kill someone with it.

  9. SaucySkits says:

    what? you only need 6-12volt ..not an engine ..or use solar ..

  10. John Carlson says:

    Check out running engine on fumes of the gasoline being bubbled.

  11. dufus says:

    are you going to come out with the English version later? lol . sorry , not electrically inclined here. I caught some of it. I admire your skills. thanks. looking for cheaper power here.

  12. Tony McAhren says:

    How many amps from the DC side? You get a small solar setup to charge batteries during the day plus run the alternator and the batteries run the alternator at night. Knowing the amp draw at 12 volts would determine the battery bank size and solar size needed allowing for cloudy days on the battery sizing.

  13. joel unknown says:

    woooooowwweee, you look like a master electrician..!!!!

  14. hes scamming for donations. if he really wanted to help the world wouldn't he be doinf BY NOW he helps noone even though hes been saying it for how long.

  15. Adam Sales says:

    hey,buy a generator, unless this is a science fair project ,if it's a science fair project,

  16. Adam Sales says:

    I went to the store,spent thirty bucks for a power converter, Shazam,power

  17. Can you produce 240vac at 50a with an alternator or two

  18. John Hlavaty says:

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  19. Mark Osborne says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post this, very educational ~!

  20. jo jo says:

    Doesn't anybody get it? He's pulling your leg! Ha ha ! If u really just want to be electrocuted follow this video or just stick a screwdriver in a wall socket with a garden hose running at your feet and remember its not the voltage but the amps that does the job and in this case there should be plenty of both!⚡

  21. thomas brian says:

    wow all that work and material, wait doesn't harbor freight sell a 75 amp Honda generator for 80.00 that burns less gas ? i recently bought a 4500 watt for 250.00 on craigslist. lets see amps multiplied by volts equals watts soooo watts divided by volts would equal amps. 4500 divided by 110 volts ,,,, is that over 400 amps hmmmm 250.00 is not bad then. thanks for the upload but i will stick with harbor freight.

  22. eric soles says:

    waiting for someone to make a hamster wheel in to a generator

  23. Jay Haw says:

    you could be living for free by paying PGE during the day time plugging in your 120 generators and earning 14cents a kv per HR that you input power & the'll reimburse you.. look up & press for the information from your local power companies

  24. then we don't have exact educational info  from you.

  25. Great idea…love it.
    butttttt….. Running that engine will cost alot of money.
    If it was on a wind Mill with the right pulley system ….it would be awesome.

  26. $100 dollar generator huh?……my ass

  27. lets say i make a self powering car that generates its power by electrical momentum. So once the car is built enough energy to self power then it wont be able to stop inless turned off …with this im sure can be done but why has it not been done …probly for reasons that you can be killed for shit like that but i dont care im not trying to help everyone just myself and i guess who ever reads this .

  28. heres what i would like to know is there a way to take an electric lawn mower and create a simialar set up to power a house . i know you would have to be able to maintain voltage that is being used without frying the system . so how can this be done to where it can be a self powering system where it can never stop powering …lets say and electrical momentum is created by doing this so that you dont need to uses anything but that system im sure the motor would burn up at this rate if not maintained or would burn up in general from demand of power and or the power would star to be so low it wouldnt power shit to the adecuate amount that is needed

  29. Gen r says:

    Wow! I learned quite a few things! impressive.

  30. Milo Byrd says:

    I wonder how many amps you could pull off this set up before you start burning stuff up?

  31. David Ewing says:

    None the less this is my kinda guy, guys like him and that kind of ingenuity will overcome the overlords and keep heaping free energy systems on them till they can't squelch them fast enough!

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  33. ok for learning a little but hvac needs to be studied in depth before burning down your house or eletricuting yourself average person starts building transformers is going to get electrocuted. all this stuff is very dangerous when not teaching about the dangers involved and safety measures that should be taken first. fire extinguisher and a person with you in case you get hurt by HIGH VOLTAGE engines burning or blowing up sparks around gasoline/gasoline engines etc. good start but safety needs to be presented. people get half the info and do it themselves and get hurt or Die!

  34. Looks like fun! 35 years off grid myself. Used numerous little micro hydro configs, using perm mag rotor in a GM alt now, is very low maintenance, but I'm getting 1/2 of what I can get going through brushes on a PM motor from a treadmill or such. My only point really is, I believe you would call the control for your DC rotor field a "potentiometer", (dash dimmer switch can work) A "rheostat" is AC is what I've gathered. Ending…If it's steady you can just use a 12 V incandescent bulb to knock voltage to your Rotor down. I did it for years. A dim 15 Watt "nightlight" provided the shy of 6V my standard GM ALT on the hydro liked for years. It also let me know how things were going. Light is out? Open circuit, bushes or wire broken. Light blinking, dimming? Problem soon. Light on, but no power? A bear tromped on my pipe or a tree fell….

  35. tecnicsboys says:

    make more videos of generator please

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