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HOW TO: DIY Tesla Solar Roof Panel

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26 Comments on "HOW TO: DIY Tesla Solar Roof Panel"

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  2. Why don't you reply to any of these questions? Are you only concerned with selling your Tesla batteries?

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  5. What is the exact name of the green paper you used that is can be seen at 2:35

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  7. macuss87 says:

    Nice work! Outstanding!

  8. great The best instruction is on InpliX website.

  9. Altha Dotty says:

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  10. China will be building a solar plan 10 times bigger than the US.

  11. terr says:

    you should start a solor company

  12. StaticMouse says:

    1 down 2,319 to go

  13. Atheism 101 says:

    how much did it cost to make 1

  14. Tim Uncapher says:

    great work! please continue to post!

  15. Doge says:

    this is very cool. I hope the Chinese will make something similar and be 10x cheaper than tesla.

  16. Random Guy says:

    what does that proove, when even this guy can do it.

  17. pas mas says:

    awesome work!!!

  18. Fred Gleeck says:

    It would be super interesting to give your cost per average roof done your way (DIY) vs. the Tesla option. Also, can someone replicated their battery collection unit thingy?

  19. What are those "pads" you mentioned about snowy weather? can't heard it clearly. good video though

  20. onjoFilms says:

    Very cool and informative. But the Teslarati article said you 'trimmed' the tempered glass. How does one trim tempered glass without it exploding? Or did they article get it wrong?

  21. tigre2236 says:

    So what cost per square foot could you make it yourself?

  22. Simau Kareem says:

    Now that's helpful I don't know a great deal about solar or electronics but damn that thing is sexy

  23. Felix mp3 says:

    you don't mold tempured glass, you mold the glass raw then run it through a tempering oven

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