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18 Comments on "How To Connect Solar Panel to 12 Volt Battery"

  1. Ej Bonner says:

    If I had this setup with a smaller 15w panel and 10 amp controller just to maintain and trickle charge my rv batteries. Would the controller protect the panel if I were to start a generator to use the microwave or would I have to unhook the panel before running the generator which would charge batteries from another source?

  2. dannyboy8920 says:

    hello, i am doing set up of 2 x250watt panels into a morning star 30 CC, into 2 series 6v batteries and to a 1000w inverter. question : should i be connecting the solar panels in series or parrallel? thanks in advance.

  3. chojthoj08 says:

    another question. I now have 2000 watt of solar panels. would that be okay for my 12v battery. I have 6v battery connected in series which is now 12v. someone told me I need 24v battery for that 2000 watt solar. I'm confuse.

  4. Shawna M says:

    Can I keep the RV wires connected to the battery or do I need to disconnect them when I'm solar charging my batteries?

  5. How to charge 12 Volt battery if by using 12 volt solar panel and if by using 20 volt solar panel?

  6. calipat12 says:

    Question jim, can I connect a 12 volt  sealed battery and a regular 12 volt  non seal battery together to be used on a solar power system.

  7. Wanda Gil says:

    Thank you, plain simple short video!!!

  8. chojthoj08 says:

    what gauge wire would I need from charge controller to battery? because the connection on the charger controller is kind of small. and what gauge wire to connect battery to battery? and also what gauge wire from battery to inverter? (trying to run a total of 2000 watt load) please help!!!!

  9. chojthoj08 says:

    If I need to run a mini freezer do I have to wait until it's fully charge? or can I use it during the charging period?

  10. anuj tomar : I was unable to reply to your question directly so I will just post it as a comment here and hope it finds you. Your question read as follows
    "hi I have two poly solar panels one of them is 150w and other one is 100w –both are 12volt and I'am using single 12 volt 150ah tubler battery, when i connected them into parallel so my pwm solar 30 controler -shows amp goes down and fluctuate and also float charging indication coming , after removing one 100w panel its stop fluctuating and amp increases, so what should i do kindly advise me….?"
    It can be very difficult to diagnose system problems without having access to that system. That being said, I have a few educated guesses at what might cause fluctuations in your system. Make sure that all panels are equipped with a black diode known as a one way or blocking diode. This diode only allows electrons to flow in one direction and prevents back flow to itself or the other panels. Make sure your system has a black diode on every positive output of all panels. This will prevent back flow and ensure an even charge. You can also expect some normal fluctuation from the charge controller if any loads are placed on the battery or if the battery is being charged or maintained by the system. This is to be expected but the fluctuations stop when you disconnect one panel so this might not be happening in your case. Use a volt meter and check each panel individually for steady output in direct sunlight. Then move on to to your charge controller. This is probably your culprit for fluctuating current. I'm afraid that without looking at your system I can only guess as to the cause. I hope that helps get you started. Thanks for watching and happy camping. Jim

  11. anuj tomar says:

    hi I have two poly solar panels one of them is 150w and other one is 100w –both are 12volt and I'am using single 12 volt 150ah tubler battery, when i connected them into parallel so my pwm solar 30 controler -shows amp goes down and fluctuate and also float charging indication coming , after removing one 100w panel its stop fluctuating and amp increases, so what should i do kindly advise me….?

  12. Jamie Norton says:

    You stress hooking up the negative and positive from opposite ends of the batteries. Is this for simplicity reasons to explain or is there a reason? I have mine shelve stacked one over the other and I just use the positive and negative from the top battery as they share the same common negative and positive charge.

  13. eqlzr2 says:

    I've been watching a lot of solar charging system videos recently and have assembled my own small system. One thing I've seen, and I saw it also in your video, is people grabbing both positive and negative terminals on battery banks, one with the right hand and the other terminal with the left hand. Is there any risk of receiving a shock that could trigger heart fibrillation (and possibly death) from doing this? What little research I've done indicates that currents across the heart (such as might occur from one hand to the other grabbing both + and – battery terminals) on the order of 60 milliamps and higher may cause heart fibrillation. I would think that such currents might be possible, especially if the person is wearing a ring on the finger of at least one hand, and that ring contacts a terminal. Many thanks.

  14. Todder H says:

    Hi do you have to unhook the solar system when your hooked up to shore power? than the converter is charging the batt ? also if you have a 2500 wat inverter hooked into the system will it cook the inverter or the charge controller, by back feeding power

  15. Hi! I'm trying to hook up a helios h580 50w solar panel to a 12v marine battery with a solar regulator separating them. The solar cable "contains" five smaller cabels, four black and one green/yellow (i'm guessing ground). Am I suppose to connect all the four black cables to the plus input of the regulator and the gound tothe minus input on the regulator? Thanks for the video btw, keep it up!

  16. Mike Swift says:

    I'm wondering how a smart converter would work against a smart solar charge controller. Would they sense power from the other and not charge as designed? For example should the solar be isolated off the batteries when plugged into a genset or AC power thru converter? I was thinking about installing a marine type switch, Batt1, Batt2, Both & off. But wired Batt1 to Solar, Batt2 to converter charger and common to Battery Bank. Thanks, Mike

  17. RandyClose69 says:

    How big (watts) do my solar panels have to be for to marine batteries?

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